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5 Business Benefits of a LinkedIn Account

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LinkedIn is a valuable tool to start networking for your company and your website on a worldwide scale. By establishing your presence on this social networking site, you open the door to establishing a name for yourself and gaining useful exposure to people interested in the services and products you have to offer.

When it comes to social media marketing, the benefits only increase when you spread your business onto different platforms, and creating a LinkedIn account is a good first move, with great potential, to kick start your business.

Here are some of the benefits of LinkedIn for business:

1. Increased Exposure and Lead Generation

LinkedIn is seen mostly as a place for job hunters to earn a decent paycheck for their work, but the branding aspects it holds can also benefit the average business owner. For starters, you may start to create a LinkedIn business page that will share information about your business and what it is you want to achieve with it. You engage with the people that see your page and the different opportunities these potential viewers may earn from it.

One of the greatest benefits of LinkedIn to most businesses is keeping your company page interactive by engaging with your audience through relevant posts of the products and services they followed to see. You can also boost branding and even revenue by making your content shareable to a larger audience, one that may have not been interested in your products before. This could mean small informative blog-like posts to infographics on how your product may benefit the average person. With a LinkedIn business page, the more you post and the more active you are daily, the greater the chance for your company’s page to have a larger number of followers.

2. Higher Level of Credibility

LinkedIn is also seen as a very trusted and reliable source in itself, so having a company page on this website will show the professionalism of your business and even provide a sense of security, as LinkedIn is a social media website managed by professional company administrators.

3. Track Competition

Using a platform made specifically for businesses and job hunters alike means there is an entire catalog of different companies competing. Using LinkedIn’s resources, you can see your competition and find ways to make your page stand out, whether by adding photos specific to your business or being more transparent than your competitors, speaking to your audience directly in your posts, and using visuals and audios. Since this is all happening on the same platform, you can stay updated with your competitors and offer more in your updates, such as deals and discounts.

When you are the administrator of your LinkedIn business account, you have full reign over what goes on there, including what is posted by whom, but you also have access to the analytics. Most personalized websites do not offer as much data as social media platforms like this do, such as:

Looking into your company’s follower demographics.
Full information available for viewing regarding your company page activity and follower traffic.
Identifying which posts stand out and earn the most likes/views.

4. Filtered Search Results

Generating sales is easier with a LinkedIn business page. LinkedIn offers a bunch of different search options that you can use to easily find your target audience.

5. Customer Management

With LinkedIn, you can engage and manage your customers’ queries through messages, comments, and surveys. Any LinkedIn account can do both public and private messaging, which is a good way to engage with new prospects.

LinkedIn is a great resource, with key metrics and useful data that can help improve your business with real-time information that is given to you every time somebody logs in and views your page.

With all the tools the site offers, it is entirely up to you, as the business and owner, to see how to make the best of this information. It also lets you connect with users who are interested in your business and opens the way to start professional relationships with people all around the world.

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