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6 Ways to Beef Up Your Facebook Timeline Business Page

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Facebook has made huge leaps into the future with the introduction of Timeline for Pages, and marketers have been able to take advantage of this shift. This cosmetic change made the content presentation even more engaging in Facebook Pages. It arranges the posts by a user in chronological order, making it simple for viewers to browse old materials or posts.

Facebook timeline features have helped businesses improve brand recognition and word-of-mouth advertising. Try these tips to get your company page featured on many users’ profiles and maximize your exposure on Facebook.

1. Add Milestones

Facebook timeline has created an exciting opportunity for you to share your products and services on Pages. They have modified the system to allow you to create an engaging story about the history of your business using milestones and photographs. Your viewers will have a chance to see how your company has progressed and improved through time through the milestones you pick.

Your first milestones will be created by Facebook, asking you for the date that your company was built. This makes it simpler to get started and to create future stories. Other events that might be great for marking with a milestone would be the date your company became popular, the time you expanded, any partnerships made locally or internationally, and the launch of new products or services.

2. Brand Your Profile and Cover Photos

Everybody knows how essential it is to have an attractive and relevant profile and cover photos for Facebook timeline. However, how do you pick the most appropriate pictures?

You have to know the requirements or rules for cover pictures for the Facebook Page timeline. The new favored size is a width of 851 pixels. It is definitely a wide photo, and this will give you a chance to catch your viewer’s attention and make a visual testimonial about your company. Your business logo makes an excellent cover image for your Facebook page, for instance.

Facebook does not normally permit people to share your cover picture or hit the “like” button on it, to start with. You are also not allowed to share any contact details or costs of purchase data in your cover picture. Pictures can readily be replaced, so you can try different looks for your Facebook Page. Try to match your cover photo with the other pictures posted on your timeline to keep it on brand. In fact, match everything on your account to make it a total package.

3. Use Pictures More Aggressively

The use of pictures along your timeline is also an effective method to entice viewers. Viewers would like to see more photos of your business when you are just starting, in comparison to how it looks now.

Also, do not forget that interior shots are as important as the exterior views. While it is always good to see your place with your banner proudly displayed in front, viewers are likewise curious about what it looks like on the inside. Another picture that will create a huge impact is one or more of your team or associates. This will add a more person and unique touch that will attract more clients.

4. Get Apps for Branding

Apps have also become more popular. Every time your brand uses an app to promote content and photos, the apps are displayed with images on the upper part of your page. The way you use these apps can help brand your products and distinguish your page from your competitors.

5. Add Contact Information in the About Us Section

Since you cannot just add your contact details on your cover photo, you can just add it to the About Us section. In this prime real estate, you can add a “call to action” phrase and entice more people to call your hot line or visit your website. These data will make it easier for customers to get in touch.

6. Speak to Your Customers Directly

Facebook pages are strict with people posting public complaints. With the addition of the timeline feature, page administrators can now connect to people directly and start a more private conversation. Previously, you needed to have a personal account first before you could message a follower.

What are you waiting for? Make your company Facebook Page more attractive to many viewers. Make the most out of this feature and use milestones to make each of your events count! If you need help with Facebook marketing, check our social media marketing services. Chat with a representative by filling out the form below and get the best rates now!

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