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Approaching The Digital Marketing Task With JavaScript SEO In Mind

Approaching the Digital Marketing Task with JavaScript SEO in Mind

JavaScript is a popular programming language used on the Internet. JavaScript supports all the main website browsers. These include Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge, and Safari. Mobile phone browsers also accommodate JavaScript. Google favors any software that enhances the user-experience. As such, JavaScript delivers in that it can update website pages, assist in creating dynamic content, and help marketers control multimedia efforts. Add to the list JavaScript’s ability to animate images.

With respect to JavaScript SEO, it is important to remember that not every search engine reacts to JavaScript in the same manner. The rule of thumb is to keep everything as simple as possible for maximum results. The Google SEO crawler does a good job of interpreting website pages that use JavaScript. Just remember not to block Google from accessing CSS or JSS files. CSS and JavaScript resources stored in separate files without the proper code can block Google from retrieving information.

Google can index content with purpose when it can retrieve JavaScript and CSS. Pay attention to your robots.txt files. This file’s job is to specify the parts of your website that you want crawled. The file also tells search engines which pages you do not want crawled. As a side note, content indexing state crawling may also arise as an element of concern with respect to an exchange server database. This entails taking it from a crawling to a healthy state.

Here are several rules to keep in mind when considering a JavaScript SEO approach.

  1. Robots.txt provides search engines with an ability to crawl websites. When site owners block Google from accessing robots.txt, website pages can appear differently to users and web crawlers. If this happens, it makes it difficult for users to fully enjoy their online experience. With Google, it is all about user experience.
  1. It is always wise to run tests to audit your JavaScript. Focus on the following areas. Check to make sure that the document object model contains key content. Check also to make sure that JavaScript does not remove content or links after rendering.
  1. Also, check to make sure that Google can index URLs and content. Finally, test to see how your website renders on different devices. Your log file data can also reveal where search engines experience difficulty in accessing your website pages that rely heavily on JavaScript. If the page’s rendering speed is too slow, users will bounce and go elsewhere.

Additional Approaches for Blending JavaScript with SEO

  1. Consider fallback content. Fallback pages can display in place of a JavaScript page. These pages can contain content that uses HTML for code. However, keep in mind that fallback pages are tricky to do and they can also consume time. If taking this route, it is always best to start with a basic approach. Plan to feature only the most important text along with proper formatting features.
  1. A progressive enhancement page may be able to address the user experience with respect to each browser used and the browser’s bandwidth.
  1. With respect to JavaScript web apps, you can always choose to serve different page versions for spiders to crawl. This can be a successful way of gaining additional SEO ground.

SEO and Page Rendering Considerations

Google and other search engines can read JavaScript quite well. Just keep in mind that crawlers are hard at work interpreting the content of billions of websites around the world. So use Javascript in ways that make it easy for search engines to render pages. JavaScript does require a little more work than HTML. Make sure that your JavaScript is SEO-friendly. When indexing a website, Google makes several passes. The first pass looks at HTML content. The second pass, at a later date, is when crawlers return to render JavaScript that needs rendering.

Search engines will continue to evolve. This means they will be able to interpret your JavaScript much easier or they will not. Stay on top of SEO trends and Google’s algorithm changes. It is also wise to partner with digital marketing experts who understand SEO and what it takes to rank for major search engines. If your company is looking for web designers with experience and know-how, Advanced Digital Media Services can provide the SEO JavaScript solutions your company needs to grow a sustainable online presence.

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