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Building Links with Infographics: Benefits and Tips

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Are you aware that people can only process 20% of the things they read while they acquire 80% of what they see through visuals? If you’re looking for an effective way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) results, you’re greatly missing out if you haven’t tried building a link through an infographic as a strategy.

Infographics provide more intrigue to viewers, which leads to higher shares, backlinks, and overall engagement to your benefit. How? First, let’s go over the basics!

Why Link Building Is Your Key to Success in SEO

What is link building? To simplify, backlinks are created every time one website links to a different website. The process is also tagged as “incoming links” wherein external websites use your website links as one of their sources. This connection is advantageous on your end, as it serves as a way to show your links are doing well and other credible sources approve you.

Backlinks are also essential when showing major search engines that you are committed to serving your audience hyperlinks to enrich the value of your content. For instance, Google’s complex results algorithms prioritize the ranking of websites that showcase high-quality materials that are reliable to cite. The more backlinks you have, the higher chances you get in leading search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that your links must have an href attribute that contains a clickable function. Well-known websites with credibility will also give you a jump-start to your link building success.

The Perks of Using Infographics in Building Links

One of the main advantages that traditional marketers fail to realize is that the majority of their audiences highly care about the effortless delivery of information to them. Directing them to more relevant and easy-to-digest statistics are of unmatched value.

Moreover, it overpowers your usual text-based content in building links for sensible reasons. Here’s why:

  • It’s easier to re-publish. All the viewers have to do is copy then paste its embed codes to utilize and share it to a wider audience for a domino effect.
  • Infographics provide you more superior branding. Viewers deem that highly engaging content is a sign of a powerful and trustworthy source of information.
  • It’s more likely to be shared by an organic audience. Therefore, it contributes to improved SEO rankings and eventually, a good flow of backlinks to your site.

How to Use Infographics to Maximize Link Building

Learning how to build links using infographics is easier than it seems when you’ve got the right tools and strategies to pull it off. Producing impressive infographics is a tedious process; that is why maximizing its worth truly depends on how you spread it to other reliable sources. Here are some right-off-the-bat solutions to elevate your link building strategies:

Invest in Social Media Paid Ads

Bring your content to where the people are. Your content will receive more traffic, shares, and of course, backlinks when you expose it on the right platforms. Social media users prefer bite-sized yet rich and informative content on their feeds.

Create a Press Release

There’s no better way to be credited as a reliable source than being attributed to well-known publications. Form your way to the top by hyping your infographics.

Share It with Relevant People

You can expect more organic and targeted reach when you personalize your infographics according to your audience. From people you personally know, to bloggers, experts in the industry, just name it! The more connections you have, the better the backlinks you acquire.

Utilize Image Sharing Sites

Boost more engagement and link building opportunities by using free websites that are highly concentrated with visuals. Some of the most popular ones out there are Pinterest, Imgur, and Flickr. It’s also wise to optimize the infographic to redirect viewers to your original content.

Upload to Related Communities and Online Forums

When people are looking for solutions online, dropping your helpful infographics will go a long way toward organically reaching specific industries that need it.

Using infographics is an excellent means to boost your backlinks, given its organic and compact way of growing your content. The challenge to you now is to obtain high-quality ones to ensure that your strategies will pay off.

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