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Does Fresh Website Content Affect SEO?

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Content is king.

This has been the mantra of almost everyone in the world of digital marketing and SEO since Bill Gates wrote an essay of the same title. Good, quality content is what truly attracts visitors to your website and convinces them to get whatever product or service it is that you are offering.

Countless content gets published on the World Wide Web in every niche, every single day. If that is the case, how will your website stand out and dominate the search engine rankings game.? What does fresh content really mean for SEO and how it affects your ranking?

What Is Fresh Content?

Fresh content simply means keeping it up to date. Visitors value the latest, most reliable, and the most relevant information they can find that answers their search queries. Google sees that your website offers valuable information when your audience stays longer to read your content, and this is one of the key factors that affects your site’s ranking.

Just because you added a new post on your blog or a new page on your website doesn’t mean Google will automatically rank it. Content is not really king; fresh, keyword-rich, and well-written content is.

Does Fresh Content Affect SEO?

The short answer is YES. Here’s why:

As mentioned earlier, site visitors value fresh and high-quality content. When your website regularly offers new and relevant content, it will not only attract a new audience, but it will also help you build a pool of loyal followers who will visit your website every time you publish new content.

Search engines use web crawlers or bots to find newly-published content in the web and index them to be included in search results that match a query. As we all know, Google constantly updates its algorithm to ensure that websites that appear on page one offer value to their users.

Keyword optimization goes hand in hand with fresh content. It is essential that your targeted keywords appear regularly and organically in the new content that you are going to publish.

Publishing fresh and keyword-optimized content regularly will help develop your reputation as an authority to your niche and drive consistent organic traffic to your website. The improvement in your rankings is enough proof of how critical fresh content is for SEO.

Stuffing your content with out-of-context keywords to manipulate your ranking will only do more harm than good to your website. Unlike in the past, keyword stuffing will get you and your website penalized by Google and will likely push your ranking down in the long run.

Great web writing can certainly get you ranking! If you need help in creating up to date and informative content specific to your business to boost the engagement and conversion rates on your pages, do not hesitate to check out our SEO services. Enter your details below to connect with one of our best representatives.

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