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E-commerce SEO: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Despite its significance, many e-commerce website owners are still doing SEO incorrectly. If you want to increase your web visitors organically, you have to learn about the ins and outs of developing a well-designed e-commerce SEO strategy. If you manage to secure a potential customer and he or she finds the experience gainful, rest assured that the customer will come back for more.

Suppose you are thinking of your SEO approach for the long-haul, as you should. In this case, you need to foster a positive experience that goes beyond your customer’s first purchase. Experts will tell you that understanding SEO for e-commerce sites is a tricky business. As with most things, however, certain techniques can help give your online business a fair shot in securing the top rank in search engine results pages without the help of an e-commerce SEO company.

SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Utilize the best SEO keywords to drive traffic organically to your e-commerce website.

No list of SEO tips will ever be complete without mentioning the importance of using keywords. However, you can’t just make up phrases and call it a day. You need to do your due diligence to discover which types of keywords your customers always use. One pro tip is to check out your competition. If it works for them, it will likely do the same for you. However, having a set of keywords is only half the battle. You need to utilize them correctly and efficiently.

Monitor the competition.

As mentioned above, you should keep tabs on your competitors’ behavior. First, you need to make a list of your current competitors. Check each name on the list and take a look at their category pages to see which keywords rake in more traffic. You can use Google Keyword Planner or other similar tools when searching for base keyword information.

Besides helping you build your essential keywords list, you can learn more from your competitors’ strategies by going around their websites. For instance, content marketing is one of e-commerce SEO’s most powerful tools. If you find a website with a full-feature blog, you can catch a glimpse of how they operate and use it as a reference point.

Content remains king.

Not all eCommerce stores create content. When you do, you have an advantage. You can achieve creative freedom by going for what you are comfortable with, be it written, audio, or video content. The frequency will entirely be up to you. But for the record, the more regularly you post, the more effective your SEO strategy will become.

Work on your website.

High-quality content can win customers over, but only if they can get past your website structure. Manageable websites can work a lot in your favor, especially if you make it easy for leads to turn into sales. Some areas to focus on include clean URLs and breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumb navigation refers to the site’s hierarchy that tells the user where they are. Through it, potential customers will find it easy to navigate your page and make a purchase.

Offer a mobile-friendly website.

Optimizing your website to make it mobile-friendly is a must for an e-commerce website. Watch out for mobile design responsiveness, load time, and page speed. These factors can make or break the mobile experience quality you are offering your target customers. They can press the back button in a split-second if the website is taking too long to respond.

Another golden tip — when designing the checkout page, simplicity is key.

Incorporate SEO when planning your overall marketing strategy.

Pay-per-click and SEO are some of the best online marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses. However, most marketers and advertisers would rather focus on PPC than work on SEO for e-commerce sites. That’s because you have to bide your time for the latter. The great news is that the benefits are long-term if you start now, and e-commerce SEO won’t stretch your budget.

E-commerce SEO is a battlefield, so you must come prepared. It is an absolute must to grow your business and attract more people to your online business. It’s not rocket science. The more people flock to your website, the more likely you are to have paying customers. Moreover, your webpage being seen at the top of search results will immediately earn you integrity points that online buyers will appreciate. You’ll become top-of-mind for their next search. If you need help applying these tips and are ready to watch your business expand as you grow a loyal fan base, work with our team of SEO experts. Connect with us now by completing the form below.

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