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How Backlink Building Can Help Grow Your Business Online

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Off-page SEO involves optimizing your web pages via outside sources to rank your website higher in the search engines and gain more site traffic. Your ranking is determined by your site’s trustworthiness, popularity, relevance, and user perception. Properly optimizing your off-page SEO is accomplished by utilizing other places on the web such as social media, blogs that offer guest postings, and sites that allow linking back to your website. The aim is to create a reference to your website from elsewhere on the Web. For this reason, backlinks are the backbone of off-page SEO.

The Benefits of Building Backlinks

1. They Signal Quality to Search Engines

When Google and other search engines pick up on other pages linking to your website, it gives the impression that your page is worth linking to, so it must be an authority in the niche. This is being taken into account during ranking.

2. They Increase Traffic to Your Page from Referral Sites

If you get more backlinks from different websites, you will have higher click rates and web traffic.

3. They Work as an Endorsement for Your Products or Services

Like the first benefit, nobody will just add a link to their website; it must be from a reliable, quality source. Getting links from other pages gives you an automatic endorsement because they find your content relevant and significant.

4. They Build Trust and Confidence

The more endorsements or backlinks you get from other authoritative websites, the higher your ranking becomes. More people will see your brand as something trustworthy and they will have confidence in what you sell or offer.

5. They Build Online Relationships Between Websites

When someone links to your website, people view that as a partnership, and it builds more legitimacy when people know you trust one another enough to have that transparent relationship while online. Do not, however, make the mistake of thinking a link exchange is beneficial, because you can be penalized for it later on.

How to Create Backlinks

Natural backlinks are created when a blogger, for example, makes a post on their personal blog and links back to your site. Natural backlinks are gained by reviews, editorials, etc. and are acquired without your interaction, request, or knowledge.

Manual backlinks are created by link-building. This is acquired by asking other sites, blogs, and social media users to link to your site or share your content.

Self-backlinks are created by submitting your own links to directories, forums, or blogs. However, be careful with self-backlinks, as some tactics fringe on what is referred to as black hat SEO and is definitely not favored by search engines.

No matter how you acquire your backlinks, the ones that offer the highest results to your search engine optimization are those that contribute positively to equity. To make sure your backlinks pass equity, keep these things in mind:

  • Linking site’s popularity
  • Linking site’s related topic to the subject it refers to
  • Anchor text is used on linking site
  • The trustworthiness of linking site

Off-page SEO relies on human interaction, people willing to reference your brand, give positive reviews, and share your content. This applies to both organic and local SEO. These things will greatly improve your search engine ranking and increase your traffic flow.

Advanced Digital Media Services, the local SEO company, specializes in many search engine optimization techniques to utilize on your website, including off-page SEO. Let us handle all the hard work for you so you can focus on your business growth and concentrate on what you’re best at!

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