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How Directory Submission Addresses SEO – An Excellent Backlink Creator

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A long time ago, before Google established itself as the prime information highway, people relied primarily on web directories as a useful resource for information.

What Is Directory Submission?

Directory submission in SEO refers to a process where site owners submit their website to certain online directories for the purpose of creating backlinks. The submission is a way of creating off-page SEO. Directory submissions fall under three general categories:

  • Paid Directory Submissions. Some directory site owners charge a submission fee for linking websites to other websites. It usually takes 24 hours for the directory owner to approve the submission.
  • Free Submissions. There are also free directory submissions for website owners to consider. In this scenario, there is no guarantee that the directory administrator will approve the submission.
  • Reciprocal Submissions. This requires you to add a link to your website in exchange for having yours approved. When a site owner activates their directory link, the directory administrator approves their link.

Is directory submission good for SEO? Definitely yes! Directory submissions are an important element of SEO. They can point traffic to your website and boost SEO by providing backlinks. Of course, those backlinks should be relevant and high quality.

Submissions are an excellent way for site owners to gain authority through blogging as well. Your blog, used correctly and updated consistently, can continually add relevant and refreshed content. Google loves relevant content and the blog can keep visitors well-informed on important topics.

Making the Right Directory Submission Choice

As always, people on the Internet tend to associate better with websites that are authentic and that have admirable page rank. People looking to submit to a directory also tend to shy away from those sites with hundreds of links on each page. There is a natural fear their website will not stand out in the crowd on crowded link sites. Look for websites with a longer domain age and high-trust rank. Above all, make sure the site is easy to use and navigate.

Another timely piece of advice is to avoid submitting to too many directories at once. This can appear as spamming in the eyes of search engine crawlers. The last thing you want is to have your website dinged in ratings. Also, keep in mind that websites that offer thousands of links at low prices likely carry little value. Google sees this as an attempt to scam the system. Buying links is not recommended. It is always better to have fewer links from authentic sources, which carry much more value.

Also, do not forget that Google’s algorithm is in a constant state of change. It also gains increasing sophistication with each passing year. Links are still important. However, Google does not view all links equally. Seek links from web directories along with backlinks from websites with high authority. Of course, you may hear that directory links do not help SEO efforts to any great degree. The truth is that links are still a ranking factor to consider.

How to Make Your Directory Submission

In addition to choosing a legitimate directory, make sure you choose the correct niche for your website’s URL. Take time to conduct some research about your directory of choice. Consider the following steps:

  1. Choose the most relevant directory for your blog or website. Check for its domain authority. Is the site reputable? Is it a site that makes your business seem more, or less, legitimate? Will your target audience find its way to the directory location? If not, then consider another directory.
  2. Choose the category that best fits your website or blog’s theme. Consider paid or free listing. Choose what works best for your budget and goals.
  3. After selecting a category, narrow it down further to address your niche. Make sure not to choose too many directories. As mentioned, you do not want it to appear that you are in the business of buying links.
  4. After the directory submission, make sure that you get a confirmation email.

Additional Thoughts About Web Directories

You may want to think in terms of web directories as being a source of trust and traffic as opposed to simply a source for inbound links. The real value of directories is the potential traffic they can drive along with the trust they can inspire.

Given the importance of directory submission in SEO, it is best to work with professionals. Advanced Digital Media Services is a premier digital marketing company that offers services on web design, hosting, social media marketing, SEO, and more. Let us help you with directory submission and SEO techniques. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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