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How to Make Your LinkedIn Business Account SEO-Friendly

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With more than 560 million users, LinkedIn is now among of the top sites that Google indexes regularly, along with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is all about building networks and connections.

If your LinkedIn business account has an out of date, bare-bones resume, it is time to up your game! You need a complete, interesting page if you want to grow your audience and drive results.

Here are some important tips on how you can apply SEO to your LinkedIn business account for better search visibility.

1. Spruce Up Your Profile Aesthetic

One of the most important LinkedIn SEO tips is to improve your profile and cover photos, as looks really matter.

For sure, you have seen dull and gritty head shots on LinkedIn. If you want to take branding seriously, learn how to stand out! What else can highlight your business better than your company logo? LinkedIn suggests having an image that takes up 60% of the frame. Get a high-quality image of your logo and place it on a clear background.

The cover photo section gives you ample space to tell visitors what your business is all about. Make this count! Instead of using the default blue background of LinkedIn, create a customer cover image using Photoshop or Canva. Include a professional background that will appeal to your target audience.

Add a tagline to tell your visitors what you do and who you serve. You can also add your website URL and other social media accounts. Include a call to action, or at least let your users know how to contact you.

By optimizing the look of your LinkedIn business account profile, you give the best possible first impression to your potential clients. You also make it easier for them to understand the nature of your business and how to connect with you.

2. Create a Keyword-Rich Profile

If you have been doing digital marketing for quite some time now, then you should know the importance of adding keywords in your titles and spreading them throughout your content. The same is true with your LinkedIn business account.

Be sure that the keywords people will likely use when searching for your products and services are included in your job title and throughout your profile. Use them naturally and only when relevant. Always include keywords throughout your “Experience” section. This is arguably the most significant part of your profile. Instead of adding an entire resume, highlight major accomplishments and takeaways from each work you have completed.

3. Create Backlinks

Creating quality backlinks will give your profile page a boost! Aside from linking from your own blogs, you can link back to your profile when you guest-post on other people’s pages. Most guest blogs include a brief biography of the author. Use it to link back to your LinkedIn profile.

These backlinks will help your profile rank higher in Google. With the extra views and interaction your account gets, you will also increase your LinkedIn profile score and get a higher ranking.

4. Publish Posts Regularly

Another important LinkedIn SEO tip is content marketing. You can do this by regularly publishing posts relevant to your niche.

You will see the “start a post” section at the topmost part of the homepage. Alternatively, you can also write an article and link it back to your website.

LinkedIn is also an excellent platform to repurpose your content. If you have a blog that has fallen back to page 10 that still offers valuable and relevant insight, do a synopsis of that post and link back to it. Do not include the link preview. Make the summary short and interesting.

You can also post case studies, research, how-to guides, and quick tips that are relevant to your business. LinkedIn now supports video! If you have sufficient budget, you can create one that is both fun and informative about your business.

5. Join Groups

Do not forget that LinkedIn is a social media network and remember to socialize with other users! The best way to do this is to join groups of people who share the same interests as yours and start rubbing virtual shoulders with them.

As you participate and offer ideas on relevant conversations, you will grow your reputation as an expert in your field. When appropriate, you can share content from your website in a group, which in turn can bring more traffic.

Boost your brand while participating in discussions you like. This LinkedIn SEO tip is definitely a win-win!

Stop sleeping on LinkedIn and start tapping into its social and marketing powers! We can help you improve and manage your LinkedIn business account. Check our SEO and social media marketing services for more information. To speak with one of our representatives, complete the form below.

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