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Pros and Cons of Online Food Ordering Systems

Nowadays, everyone has tried to order food online simply because it is convenient and beats going out. Due to the pandemic, the new normal has also limited dine-ins. Aside from that, people want to be safe. Businesses need to learn how to adjust and match their customers’ needs.

Food ordering systems may have benefits, but they also have drawbacks. Restaurant owners need to understand the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Let’s discuss the pros and the possible cons you’ll encounter.

What is an Online Food Ordering System?

Dine-ins aren’t the only way to make a sale. If you want to expand your reach and your restaurant’s sales, venturing into online delivery is one way to penetrate the market. It is a system where your existing and potential clients can browse the selection of food your restaurant offers. ROFOS (Restaurant Online Food Ordering System) is a system that will allow you to sell your products through the internet.

Pros: It is Convenient for Your Customers.

Let’s face it; not everyone has the luxury to go out and dine in. When your restaurant offers online food delivery, your existing clients can enjoy the delicious selection of your food in the comfort of their homes. People who spend most of their day working from home will also appreciate it. They won’t have to skip their lunch breaks or go out to eat.

Cons: Waiting Times are Longer.

Ordering online should be convenient, right? However, it isn’t always suitable in some aspects. If a customer is in a rush or is starving, ordering food online isn’t always an option. Reasons for waiting times are not in the hands of restaurants, but now things such as traffic and weather conditions. Other causes include the customer has ordered during busy hours, or they have a complex food order.

Pros: You’ll Discover New Customers and Restaurants.

What better way to check on your competitors than joining them right? You’ll see how they run their own online food ordering system. You’ll find ideas on what to improve and what not to do. Using an online ordering system is also an opportunity to garner new customers. Both restaurants and customers will benefit from the expansion.

Cons: It is More Expensive for Customers.

When customers order food online, they pay for the ease of access. They won’t have to leave their couch and wait in line. However, there are delivery fees, and the price of the food items may be a little more costly compared to when they dine in. Besides that, customers also give a tip to their delivery riders.

Pros: You Won’t Have to Worry About Low Sales Even if There’s Inclement Weather.

When the weather is terrible, restaurants often close early. Early closure equates to low sales. However, those days are over. When you adopt an online ordering system, customers will still enjoy your food even in the late hours of the night. It is a win-win situation for everyone except for the person who’ll be delivering the food.

Cons: The Ambiance of Ordering Online is Far Different Compared to Dine in.

When customers order food online, they’ll miss the vibes they get when they go to a restaurant. More often than not, they’re likely watching a movie while chowing down on their newly delivered order.

Pros: Customers Can Receive Discount Coupons.

One marketing strategy to get customers clicking is when vouchers or coupons are available that they can apply to their orders. This technique is one of the best ways to tackle the growing competitive market of ordering online. You will have countless customers choosing your restaurant.

The pros outweigh the cons. It offers multitudinous opportunities to restaurants big and small. Restaurant owners should take advantage of the exposure and the chance to reach a broader market. The world is at the tip of your fingers!

If you need a little more convincing, Advanced Digital Media Services can help you. Our web team knows how to make a user-friendly ROFOS for your restaurant. Call us, and we’ll discuss everything there is to know!

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