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Why Invest in a Restaurant Online Ordering System?

Even before this pandemic struck, many people were shopping and ordering food online because it is more convenient. Surveys say that 60% of all restaurants and food service sales in October 2019 were from drive-through, take-out, and delivery.

Now, with mandates in most countries forcing restaurants to offer only off-premise banqueting, dine-in sales have declined dramatically.

As a restaurateur, with these new requirements in place, now is the best time to set up your own online food ordering system. This will give you greater advantages than when you exclusively use third-party delivery apps. Why? See the benefits below.

7 Advantages of Having a Restaurant Online Ordering System

1. It Expands Your Customer Base

Around the world, the digital economy has been growing ever faster. By offering online food ordering and delivery, you can expand your customer base by reaching out to new people who have not yet visited your restaurant. Now that everyone is paying extra attention and relying on online services for the most basic needs, it’s easier to get more customers.

2. It Drives More Revenue

People love to order food online because they do not feel rushed to make speedy decisions. They are more inclined to check everything on the menu, and they even end up getting more than what they would normally order in person or over the phone. Digital orders are 23% larger, on average, than non-digital orders!

3. Orders Are More Accurate

In restaurants, misunderstandings can happen, especially if you missed special instructions when taking food orders face-to-face. This may lead to wasted food, or worse, frustrated customers who may not return and give you a 1-star rating.

With a well-designed and managed online food ordering system, customers have greater control, making everything about their order crystal clear. Everything is in writing, so there’s less chance for mix-ups. People with dietary restrictions and allergies may also find this beneficial, especially since a mistake with their order could be dangerous and costly.

4. It’s Customizable

With your own restaurant online ordering system, you can make quick, real-time changes to your menu. Adjust your offerings and wait times for proper expectations. People will also be looking directly at your website instead of a third-party app. Start making your website more appealing by posting some good photos of your food.

5. You Keep the Profits

Restaurants with online ordering and delivery get to keep all the revenue from every transaction! No more losing large percentages to the intermediary. Instead, paying a flat fee for this service allows you to plan for the expense entirely and ahead of time.

6. It Gives You Important Customer Data

In any business, knowing what your customers want and need is very important. An online food ordering system can get you that insight! You can record customer information and order patterns for every transaction. This data will tell you what most people are ordering and who your regular customers are. With this data, you can adjust your menu, if necessary, and create a more customized guest experience online.

7. Hospitality Extends to Your Customers’ Homes

You may feel that online ordering will take away the personal interaction between your staff and customers, but there are ways to show your brand’s hospitality to your online orders.

A simple thank you note or a customized receipt to make sure your brand shines through in a delivery or takeout order will go a long way! These little touches will show your customers that you appreciate their support and that you’ll be more than happy to serve them back in the dining room anytime soon.

Are you ready to set up your own online food ordering system? Do you need help?

Advanced Digital Media Services launched ROFOS (Restaurant Online Food Ordering System). We can make it easier for you to move or optimize your business online so you can serve more customers. With ROFOS, you’ll get easy menu and store management, mobile ordering, more payment methods, and online discounts and offers, which are all great marketing strategies!

As a digital marketing company with a team of SEO and web design experts, we can also help you improve your website design, logo, and more. We are a one-stop-shop that can get your restaurant business running efficiently and selling more!

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