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(Restaurant Online Food Ordering System)
by Advanced Digital Media Services Inc.


Increase food sales with ROFOS

Do you want to increase your earnings by as much as 30%? According to statistics, this is what most restaurant owners are receiving after investing in an online ordering platform. Here’s why:

Being open is not enough anymore!

“Among the 2,000 customers polled, 70 percent expect a restaurant’s website to offer online ordering.” – QSR Magazine

“Off-premises dining — that is, delivery, takeout, and drive-thru orders — now accounts for 60 percent of restaurant business.” – The Spoon

 “Between 2018 and 2023, restaurant delivery is projected to grow at more than three times the rate of on-premises sales, with the preponderance going to digital orders. More than half of delivery consumers now order food directly from the restaurant’s app or website.” – L.E.K. Consulting LLC

Here are a few more reasons to go digital!

No more lost sales!– Phone lines get busy, especially during peak hours, causing customers to wait longer on the line when they want to place an order. You never know how many potential customers give up and call a competitor, do you?

It’s the way people buy– Did you know that nearly 70% of consumers order food online using their smartphones? Online food ordering is easier because of restaurant-branded applications or mobile-friendly websites. Online ordering has become a common behavior!

Tracking and Analytics– Online food ordering is far more efficient in determining the impact of your current marketing strategies on your revenue.

Social Media– Consumers can now easily place an order online from your Facebook page!

food delivery

If another crisis like COVID-19 arises again in the future, will you be ready? Do all of your customers know that they can continue ordering from your restaurant using an online ordering platform?

With ROFOS you will never pay a per-order fee or a percentage of your sales. You own your system because it is installed on your website. We train you on how to make any changes to your platform anytime you need or want. This allows you to focus on running your business while staying up-to-date with the consumer demand for digital online ordering.

Why Choose ROFOS?

Easy Menu Management ROFOS makes managing your online restaurant menu fast and easy! Our user-friendly admin allows you to update prices and remove or add items with just a few clicks!

Mobile Ordering ROFOS’ is a responsive design platform making it compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Online Discount & Offers With ROFOS, you can offer discounts and coupon codes that provide you with some serious marketing power. This can help to drive new sales to your restaurant today while increasing your customer retention rate.

Easy Store Management ROFOS makes managing your opening and closing times a breeze? How about delivery cutoff times, holiday schedules, and more? Worry no more! ROFOS makes it easy to control any of these actions.

Receiving Orders Online food ordering can be done several ways. You can get orders via call, SMS, and more. Currently, ROFOS is focused on two of the most effective methods: email and push notifications.

Credit Card Processing Collecting credit card payment from your customers is easy with ROFOS! Our payment gateway solutions support Stripe, PayPal,, Paystack, or Razorpay.
*We recommend Stripe

Here are the features offered in ROFOS. All are optional. You can take them all or just select what you need or want. It’s a la carte!


Print Receipts feature allows you to go through your ROFOS order history page easily and create a hard copy of any order. With a ROFOS powered restaurant, you’ll enjoy more of these benefits:

  • Easy access and printing of any order
  • Flexibility to update the branding on the receipt
  • Fast receipt printing on any thermal printer

Note: A print button will show up on all your orders for easy manual printing.

Tips Feature, or Tips Extension, allows you to collect tips from your customers. With this feature, you can:

  • Set a percentage-based tip
  • Suggest a fixed amount for tips
  • Allow the customers to freely assign a custom tip amountOrder Time, Intervals & Limits help your restaurant take orders more efficiently by providing you the options you need to stay in control of your order processes. This extension for ROFOS gives you the following options and benefits:
  • Provides the flexibility to change time slots and create delivery or pickup times
  • Ability to alter when you want to cut off your online orders
  • Ability to limit the number of orders you want to receive during time period
  • Ability to limit the number of food items that can be added in every order
  • Disable the delivery time or pickup time of an order while providing you the ability to relay personalized instructions to your customer


Delivery Fees can be easily collected using ROFOS. Here are some of the options available with this feature:

  • Setting delivery prices based on zip or postal codes
  • Making the delivery only possible to zip codes set in the backend
  • Offering free delivery for orders above a specific amount
  • Automatically disabling delivery to zip codes that are not added on admin
  • Restrict zip/postal codes range. Deliver only where you want to

Note: This feature works with both zip codes and postal codes; also, it supports wild card zip/postal code support.

SMS Notification: ROFOS notifies both customers and store owners as soon as an order is placed. It automatically sends an SMS to the mobile number the customer adds to the checkout page. Likewise, you can also receive a notification about the order details on the number provided in your ROFOS settings panel. Should there be any changes in the order status, both you and your customer get a notification. Currently, this feature supports two SMS systems: Twilio and Plivo. Is a custom SMS service what your business needs? We’ve got you covered!

Credit Card Processing: ROFOS Payment Gateway feature allows your customers to pay using any credit or debit card. Our payment gateway solutions support Stripe, PayPal, and


credit cards

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