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Advanced Digital Media Services was started by listening to the unrestricted wants and needs of several hundred business owners in resort areas all over the East coast of the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Resort Graphics International Inc. is an advertising company that provides a unique source of website access to 50 of each resort area’s better accommodations, attractions and restaurants. By listening to the laments of business owners for over 8 years, the company was formed because of the overwhelming desire by business owners to be in control of their company’s website content.

In the beginning years of the web, only technically trained website developers could create and manage websites. Many of the programs took years of study to learn and only these technically trained individuals knew how to create and make the changes to company’s websites. There is still much technical expertise required to create a website where the coding, the back end of the site if you will, the part we never see, has to be completed by a professional in the industry, but the skill needed to operate and make changes to websites is now firmly in the hands of their respective owners.

At Advanced Digital Media Services we help our clients cut the ties to traditional website development companies where it was in their best interest to keep the process of website changes in their hands as this kept their business bread and butter, their billable hours a constant. Changes were made when it was convenient to them not you. Recent advances in the software that operate your website have now made it as easy to update your site as easy as it is to edit a word document. As your company changes your website needs to change with it. The ties that have bound business owners are no longer there, giving you the freedom and flexibility you deserve. We will make changes to your site if you wish, but you will have access to make the changes yourself, on your own schedule.

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