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Keyword Research

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The Importance of Keyword Research

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When you start an SEO campaign, your “ladder had better be leaning against the right wall”. While you can learn how to do keyword research using tools online, nothing beats our expertise or the experience we’ve developed over the years. Our full-time, in-house SEO experts understand keyword research. We’ve achieved top results for many clients in a wide range of competitive niches.

We also focus on lead generation. We want to invest in keywords that have the highest probability of attracting attention from good prospective clients earning you higher revenues.

However, your input is always welcome. The knowledge you have of your industry and customer base is invaluable to identify search terms that will attract leads.

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Our Keyword Research Process

We follow a comprehensive keyword research process. We start with an interview with you to find out what products or services you want to focus on selling the most. Then we conduct a comprehensive review of what the most searched for keywords are for your industry.

We want to be sure that there are enough people searching for your product or service in your area. We then utilize three different keyword research software platforms and look at the data from all three.

We’ll capture all potentially relevant keyword phrases and narrow them down using multiple filters to get the final set of target keywords, targeted to provide you with the highest return. There are several factors to consider in this step, including the demographics of your target audience. Understanding your customers’ search behaviors is also important.

Then our SEO team will make their final decisions and deliver their recommendations.

We make sure you know what the top keywords are for your business and show you the reports and our recommendations. We target only the most searched for keywords to help rank you on Google.

Is your SEO campaign working?

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If your current SEO campaign isn’t producing results, the problem could go all the way to the basics: keyword research and analysis. Advanced Digital Media Services can help you get the ROI you desire! Get a free consultation and quote from us today.