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Website Page Speed Optimization

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One strategy that is often overlooked is website page speed optimization. However, this is crucial to your online success. Most web searchers will not wait 3 seconds for a page to load before clicking on another website. Without ensuring that your website loads quickly for viewers, you’ll likely lose leads and revenue.

Why Invest in Website Page Speed Optimization Services?

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A fast-loading website does not just benefit your site visitors; it’s what Google wants, too!

The job of Google, Bing, and other search engines is to provide users with search results that best fit their inquiries. However, aside from providing people the most relevant content, they also want to display websites that provide an excellent user experience. Page speed is definitely part of it!

Businesses spend a lot of money on web designs and new web technologies. They invest in complex content delivery systems without knowing if they can handle the load. Slow response times frustrate users. Shopping cart bailout rates are continuously increasing, and this will affect your profits.

If users consistently leave your website, Google will notice it, and you’ll see a drop in rankings. Search engines see a correlation between a high bounce rate and poor user experience.

We have website page speed optimization experts at Advanced Digital Media Services to take care of this for you. Using customized techniques, we streamline your content to display faster. Let us help you stop the bleed and get those sales rolling in no time!

To improve the overall speed of your website, we focus on optimizing 4 critical factors. These includes the following:

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HTML Coding

One of the best ways to ensure that your pages load quickly is to remove any sloppy HTML code on the backend of your website.

The code is made up of tags that tell the website how to work and what to do.

Each page on your website will have codes. The larger and more complex your website is, the more complicated your codes will be.

Our team of experts will remove extra tags and make sure that everything is referenced properly. Otherwise, the server will take time to read the code, slowing down your web pages.



The use of graphics on a website is crucial to providing an excellent user experience. However, images and videos can weigh your website down and cause it to load slowly.

We need to optimize your graphics, especially high-resolution images! Our website page speed optimization team can condense your image files without affecting the quality or appearance. Our website is an excellent example of this as it has approximately 20 videos on it but our current load speed score is 97%!



Redirects are created when you want to reference an old webpage to a new one. These also involve the use of codes that are saved within your .htaccess file in the server.

While you can create as many redirects as you want when replacing old pages on your website, it takes time to reference the .htaccess file to find the new location of your content. This is like loading links twice on your page, which greatly affects page load speed.


Server Location and Performance

This is perhaps one of the simplest factors to understand. If your server is far away from your business, it will take longer for your website to load.

When it comes to performance, you want to make sure that you have a high-quality website hosting service. Aside from website page optimization services, Advanced Digital Media Services also offers dedicated hosting that can speed up your website’s page loads!

Why Hire Us?

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By availing our website page speed optimization services, you are guaranteed:

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Let’s boost your website’s speed to the max so you can start hitting more sales and engagement targets consistently, without fail!