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10 Best Places to Post Articles and Share Content

10 Best Places to Post Articles and Share Content

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Many people believe that traffic will just flow in after publishing a blog article. However, you will need to spend as much time, sometimes, even more, promoting your piece on different websites. Content publishing and promotion are all about getting your article seen from as many places as possible, but also in the right places where people looking for your products or services can find them.

Social media platforms are great for connecting with your audience and also for reaching them. They also increase website traffic through the content they share. This boosts your SEO efforts and, most importantly, increases your brand awareness. The content you promote also helps to build your credibility.

What you offer and the audience you are trying to reach will determine the most suitable websites for posting content. This guide will show you the most popular and best places to share blog posts. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to get the best results.

A Quick Overview of Content Sharing

Social media allows you to share content for personal and business purposes. It creates a sense of community. Sharing content can help businesses increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience at a lower cost. These free platforms can be used by businesses to increase their communities, revenue, and audience.

Posting content that is valuable to everyone is the key to this. A business will grow more if it creates and shares value-based content that is directed at a specific audience than just creating content to achieve daily goals. You must publish articles and content that are well-thought-out and published strategically to enjoy all the benefits of content sharing.

The following are the benefits of content sharing:

  • It reaches more of your target audience.
  • It attracts new clients.
  • It allows you to engage with potential customers.
  • It drives more website traffic.
  • It boosts your SEO efforts.
  • It increases brand awareness.
  • It builds your credibility.

Content is the magic wand that can solve many different needs. With a compelling story and a great presentation, a brand can reach as many people as possible. Content sharing can help you stand out from your competitors. If you want more visitors, you need to determine the best places and social media sites where you can share your content.

10 Best Places to Share Your Content

You’ve just published a new comprehensive blog post that you know your readers will love. It was published at the right moment, you created a striking graphic, optimized the title and other SEO elements, so your readers can’t wait to comment, like, share and comment on it.

However, the job’s not done yet. You need to find the most suitable platform for sharing content to increase awareness and visibility for your post.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best places to share your blog and other forms of content:

1. Facebook

Facebook algorithms determine what content users share and which brands should be promoted to the top of their news feeds. Facebook will boost your visibility if your content is shared by your audience. It’s that simple!

Share your content on your Facebook personal page or your business page.

2. Instagram

Instagram is second in popularity in terms of active users. Instagram has one billion active users every month and 500 million people use Instagram Stories every single day.
There is one problem with Instagram. You can’t post clickable links in your captions, unlike other social networks. To overcome this problem, upload a photo of your blog post. Include the URL in the caption. You can also include the link to your post within your Instagram bio.

3. Twitter

Twitter remains a place for news and the latest, most trending stories. It is great for event announcements, news, pop culture stories, blogger/writer networking, and even making announcements.

Here are a few quick tips on sharing your blog or content on Twitter:

  • Be concise. You have 140 characters.
  • Use Bitly to make your links shorter and more manageable.
  • Include a fact from your blog or one of the main points in your article.
  • Add a hashtag. It’s an excellent way to highlight your topic for Twitter searches.
  • Twitter relies on influencer marketing more than any other social network. You might consider teaming up to retweet your content with an influential or thought leader in your field.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest allows users to connect visually and discover new interests through “pinning” images or videos to other people’s bulletin boards or their own. A collection of “pins” that have a common theme. You can also browse what others have pinned.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great social media platform for sharing your content. It is a great place to build a professional network and publish some blog posts. This will help you increase your content’s visibility.

If you publish article after article on LinkedIn, it is a good idea to modify your post’s title and make minor changes before publishing.

6. Reddit

Reddit allows you to quickly copy and paste your content, or create communities and then post articles.

Publish article and other content easily by clicking on New Post. Write the headline, add content, and post it. You can join other communities to share your content, or create your own.

Reddit allows you to add links to your content. You’re not only building an audience and driving more people to your site, but you’re also creating backlinks which are great for SEO.

7. Quora

Quora, a public forum for free, is one of the most popular in the world. You can post your content, ask questions, create spaces, and even make your posts. Answering questions related to your content will allow you to link back to your blog. This will not only increase your visitors but also help you to build backlinks.

Quora is a great way to increase website traffic and attract more visitors each day.

8. Medium

Medium allows you to share your writings and browse content from other authors.

Medium is a platform for writers. Anybody (or any company) can create a free Medium account to post articles. You can publish individual articles, contribute to selected stories, or even prepare the publication yourself.

Post a link to your website in your post. People will be able to go from Medium to your site.

9. YouTube

YouTube is more than a video-sharing site. It’s also an internet search engine. No matter what niche you are in, if your channel isn’t on YouTube you’re missing out on a significant portion of your audience.

You can create a YouTube channel right away and reuse some of your best-performing articles from your blog to make engaging videos.

10. TikTok

TikTok has more than 300 million monthly active users. Users can add filters and special effects to their content.

Many brands have used TikTok contests and challenges to encourage users to create brand-related content. To promote TikTok campaigns, brands are using hashtags in a similar way to other social media platforms.

Brands can also use TikTok to collaborate with TikTok celebrities and create brand-specific promotional material. The collaboration will work in the same way as any other influencer collaboration except that it uses the TikTok 15-second video format.

How to Encourage People to Share Your Content

Each platform is unique, with each one growing. You will succeed if you tailor your content to the audience on the social media platform. Here are a few tips on how to get people to share your content:

1. Be creative.

To explain the benefits of your business, you can take a line from a blog post or advertisement and use it in your heading. This tactic can be a great way to develop a friendship or mentorship with someone you admire and respect in your industry or field.

Forming strategic and specific partnerships is a way of sharing content with your network. There’s a good chance there are other people in your market who want to establish relationships with you.

2. Make your content easy to share.

It should be easy for people to share your content. It’s not difficult to share content if you can do it in just two or three clicks.

3. Ask your audience to share it.

You don’t want to make people forget that they can share your content. Use a call-to-action to remind them. Pins on Pinterest that include a call-to-action get 80% more views. People who ask for retweets get 51% more engagement than those who don’t ask.

Expand Audience Reach With Advanced Digital Media Services

Sharing content can help boost your SEO and your business, as well as answer customers’ questions. Advanced Digital Media Services offers the best SEO Services in Denver to help you drive organic search results that will maximize your marketing investments.

Call us today to learn more about content publishing and how to create an effective content promotion strategy that reaches your target audience.

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