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10 Key Tips for Finding Qualified Leads

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Many marketers and business owners fail to realize how to generate quality leads and clients. The reason for that is they’re not following the stages of the online sales funnel: awareness, consideration, decision, and retention.

They’re failing to get prospects past the awareness stage and into the consideration stage. They believe that by simply telling people to buy from them, they will make a sale. However, that’s not a good strategy.

The truth about human psychology is that people won’t buy from you if you don’t offer something valuable and beneficial. You need to attract leads by providing relevant and informative content.

The next step is to direct them to your email form. By doing so, you will be able to better introduce yourself and your brand and tell them how you can help when they sign up for your email list.

However, how can your prospects become leads if they don’t know how to sign up? You can achieve that by eliminating barriers and providing the best content possible. Here, we’ve outlined some of the best tips to find qualified leads.

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What Is A Qualified Lead?

Before we discuss how to find leads, let’s first discuss what qualified leads are.

Qualified leads are potential customers in the future based on certain criteria. They can be classified as willing leads. This means that the information the lead provides is freely and willingly given. Quality leads don’t include purchased leads or databases.

Tips for Finding Quality Leads

Here are some of the best strategies to include in your digital marketing campaign:

1. Put out quality content.

Your content is what your prospective clients or customers use to get to know you and your brand deeper. Top-notch quality content will attract leads and prospects to your site. It will also show them your expertise in their field and encourage them to share their contact information. Here are some types of content to put out on your website:

  • Blogs
  • Long-form PDFs or Ebooks
  • Customer Stories or Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Pillar Pages

2. Optimize content regularly.

Add content upgrades to blog posts and transcript pages to convert more leads. These upgrades are a more straightforward lead magnet that has been proven to increase email opt-in rates by up to twofold. Optimizing content consumes less time compared to creating new blogs or pages from scratch.

3. Write guest posts.

Guest blogging is another way to increase quality leads. Since you are collaborating with websites that have succeeded in capturing the attention of your target audience, it is very effective. Before you start pitching, however, make sure that you do the following things first:

  • Find popular content in your niche.
  • Brainstorm evergreen content ideas that will be of benefit to your audience.
  • Make a lead magnet that is connected to your email marketing service.

The last one on the list is crucial. Your lead magnets, as the name implies, are how you will get leads. A good lead magnet must be highly related to the content of the guest post and to the overall theme of the target blog. Don’t promote or link your website’s homepage on your guest post. Use the link to your lead magnet’s landing page instead.

4. Host webinars.

Hosting a webinar is a strategy that’s even better than guest blogging. A webinar is a live video conference where you share content with viewers or teach them something new. You can host one and use it as a lead magnet. You can also promote it to your existing subscribers.

5. Utilize surveys and quizzes.

Use quizzes and surveys to find marketing leads. This strategy is an underrated yet great way to learn more about your leads. You’ll uncover the issues and problems that your prospects face with passive questioning and gain insight into your customers’ current stage in their journey.

6. Invest in long-tail SEO.

Google users are more intently searching for your content than Facebook users. You must implement a strategy when choosing keywords to convert quality leads. The more specific the keyword is, the better. In other words, it is important to rank high for long-tail keywords your target leads are searching for.

You should also create content that matches your prospects’ search intent. Website visitors will be more likely to sign up for your email list if they realize that you have the information they need. Do the same for your customers. Look for the long-tail keywords they search for and provide them with relevant content.

7. Enhance your landing pages.

Your landing pages might not be well-designed, which could be the reason you aren’t converting quality leads. Your lead magnet might also be out of date, and your landing page isn’t working anymore. These are all common errors, so don’t be discouraged. Invest time in fixing them.

Your copy should be updated to explain how your product or service can benefit your leads. You can use customer-centric language to research the terms that your target audience uses on online forums, YouTube videos, book reviews, and other media. You can attract leads by testing different elements of landing pages.

8. Make it easy for mobile users to fill in their information.

Think of all the people you know: How many have a computer at home that was not provided by their school or their employer? Most people browse the Internet today on their mobile devices, not computers. Your website must be optimized for mobile users to make it easy for people to interact with your content.

Here’s how to generate mobile leads:

  • Limit the number of fields in your opt-in forms. Smartphones are smaller than desktops, so you shouldn’t overload them with too many fields.
  • Your form fields should be viewed from the user’s point of view. In order to make them easy for users to use, place them in an intuitive order. For example, name, email, and then number. Don’t ask for information that you don’t absolutely need.
  • Your fields should be sized accordingly. You need to make sure that input fields are fully utilized by making use of the entire viewport. Don’t make people zoom in and out to enter their information.
  • Top-aligned field labels are recommended. These form labels have been shown to be both more user-friendly and effective for scanning.

9. Use email to identify quality leads.

A classic email lead generation campaign is also a great strategy to generate marketing leads. Email remains a strong tool despite other new tools nowadays. Email marketing lets you meet prospects right where they are most comfortable looking for information: in their inbox.

Create emails that grab attention. Make sure that they’re concise and useful so that subscribers get in the habit of opening them frequently. Emails should contain a strong subject, relevant content, and effective call-to-action to encourage people to move further into your sales pipeline.

Email marketing should be about listening to your audience, providing information that solves a problem or answers a question, and asking them to take steps to get into your sales funnel. By allowing you to see who opens your emails regularly and clicks on the links, email marketing allows you to distinguish qualified leads from unqualified leads.

10. Take advantage of the power of social media.

Most internet users, including your audience, spend a lot of time on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This makes these sites a great source for quality leads. As long as you make use of them to drive traffic to your website, social media can help with lead generation.

Generate Quality Leads with the Help of Our Team

Generating qualified leads regularly is an essential factor in growing a business. If you want to increase sales and achieve your business goals, invest in lead generation strategies that can help you convert your prospects into regularly paying customers or clients.

At Advanced Digital Media Services, we can help you generate more quality leads through top-notch digital marketing and lead generation. We provide a broad array of services, including content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and web development.

We have a team of experts in lead generation and SEO in Denver. With us on the job, dominating the top rankings on search engine results pages and converting website visitors into customers or clients are easy to achieve. Contact us today to know how we can help you!

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