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10 SEO Facts Marketers Should Know

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Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for any marketer. It is an effective way to get your business in front of millions of potential customers around the globe. It can convert thousands of relevant Google searches about your industry into leads. This is the best option for maximum ROI if you only have one marketing tactic to choose from.

A sound understanding of SEO facts is a step in the right direction. However, some marketers find it challenging to succeed in SEO because they don’t understand that it is constantly changing and their objectives should also change. So, how can you make the most of your SEO strategy? To help you get ahead of the pack, we’ve gathered these SEO facts and statistics to give you an idea of what to adjust or what may need more work for your SEO strategy. Check out our top 10.

1. SEO is a long-term strategy.

Search engine optimization is crucial in attracting visitors to your site and keeping them interested while they browse the internet. One of the facts about SEO that you should remember is that it is not something you do once and forget about. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous work to maintain and improve your position. SEO is a constantly changing field, and it is crucial to keep up with the latest changes in SEO, regularly setting up up-to-date strategies designed to go with the flow.

2. 75% is off-page SEO, and 25% is on-page.

Two critical elements of improving your SEO traffic are attracting links and ensuring your content is relevant to the keyword people are searching. These elements can be either off-page (on another site) or on-page (your site).

First, make sure your content is relevant. Include the keywords you want to rank for on key pages of your site. However, this technique will only take you so far. You want to create content that others will want to link to. Search engines view these links as “votes,” which tell the engines that your site is valuable for people looking for answers.

3. SEO is now about long-tail keywords.

Keyword-based search engine optimization is no more valuable for your business. One of the essential search engine marketing facts today is that half of all queries are long-tail keywords or contain over four words.

Search engines are using new algorithms to analyze content semantically and determine the meaning of sentences formed based on specific keywords. You must include long-tail keywords in your user intent strategy or miss out on approximately 50% of your potential leads and audience.

4. Increase click-through rates through persuasive meta descriptions below 155 characters.

A meta description is a short preview that appears under search results. This provides a preview of what the reader can expect if they click. A compelling meta description will increase clicks, even though it doesn’t affect your rank in search results.

Your meta descriptions should be unique for each page to increase clicks based on the searcher’s interests. Remember to make your meta description concise. Google only allows you to enter 155 characters before cutting it with ellipses.

5. Social media channels have evolved into search engines.

Nowadays, it’s no secret that a solid social media presence is essential for any business. People don’t go to search engines to find the information they need. They are not fooled by content that is rich in keywords but does not provide helpful, valuable, and exciting information. To find the correct information they need, many check out the reputation of companies and their services via social media before they make any transaction. Therefore, you must ensure that your SEO strategy includes a robust presence on any social media platform.

6. Page titles, after content, are the most important element on a page.

A poor page title is the biggest mistake websites make. Having a targeted title for your page is crucial, which is the second most important element of on-page SEO after relevant content.

The page title appears at the top of the browser tab. It is also what Google displays when someone searches for it.

7. SEO can lead to a 14.6% conversion rate if done correctly.

SEO is a strategy that aims to attract visitors looking for information about products and services. This makes it an excellent tactic for lead generation. SEO statistics show that search engine optimization leads have an average conversion rate of 14.6%. Comparatively, traditional strategies such as print ads or direct mail have an average conversion ratio of 1.7%.

8. Search engines are the foundation of 93% of online experiences.

This is one of the most popular search engine statistics. We had to include it to highlight the importance of SEO. It is important to get more people to your site. Local SEO facts show that nearly all online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

9. Top 5 results get 75% of the clicks.

SEO facts prove that the top five search engine results receive 75.7% of clicks. So focus your efforts on the most valuable keywords and create content around these terms.

10. Google+ is the most correlated social factor to SEO ranking

Search engines now factor in your social network to show you results. This is known as “social search.”

Social search prioritizes content that is connected to you in some manner. Social connections can be someone you have connected to via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network.

This means that you should find people influential in the topics and words you want to rank for. It will be more likely that your content appears in search results for other users if they share, like, and, most importantly, +1 it on Google+.

Elevate Your SEO Game With Right Info and ADMS

SEO is a powerful tool, but it can also be challenging to use. ADMS is a master SEO agency that understands the ins and outs of the industry. As an expert in SEO in St. Pete, we can help you navigate through SEO myths and facts that can improve your on-page SEO and integrated marketing strategies.

Many factors influence rankings in Google searches, but focusing on what we consider SEO facts is a clear step in the right direction. We’re happy to assist you with SEO education or assessing your current SEO strategy. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can make a difference in your business.

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