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4 Reasons Why Page Speed Matters

4 Reasons Why Page Speed Matters

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People don’t appreciate slow service no matter what. Imagine having to wait for one hour to get the food you ordered. This will have most people posting a one-star review to the internet. People are likely to do the same if your site’s content doesn’t load after a few seconds.

If you ever wondered, “Does page speed affect SEO?” The answer is a giant YES! Not only that, but it also impacts search rankings, user experience, website traffic, and conversions. You see, there is a lot on the line if you don’t work on enhancing your website’s speed. Here, we’ve listed some of the reasons why page speed matters.

1. Website Speed Serves as Your First Impression

They say that first impressions last and that is certainly true when it comes to a website’s speed. Visitors, clients, and customers will automatically make an assumption about your business based on their experience with your website. If your business has a great user interface and a quick speed, they can tell that you really invested in it. This will also make your visitors feel that you are trustworthy and credible.

On the other hand, when a website’s speed is slow, your visitors will likely think that your site is not secure, unsafe, and untrustworthy. Chances are they’re not going to return to your website at all, thus affecting website traffic. Unfortunately, this might be irreversible.

2. Faster Websites Rank Higher in Search Results

Google announced in 2010 that they consider a website’s speed when they rank websites. If your website’s speed is acceptable, you won’t have to worry about this. Google still prioritizes a website’s authority and relevance among others. However, if your website’s speed isn’t up to Google’s standards, this can affect your business in many ways.

Don’t expect to see a lot of visitors and potential clients because there’s a high possibility that your website will not be on Google’s first page. That’s why it is important to know how to speed up page load time. If you’re having a hard time understanding the whole concept of page speed, you can always ask professionals for help.

3. Faster Page Speed Can Help You Beat the Competition

This is another reason why your website’s speed matters. It is not a secret that people hate to wait for a website to load, especially if there are other websites out there that offer the same things. Knowing how to speed up your website is vital for your business to be a success.

It is likely that your competitors are also working on improving theirs. It wouldn’t hurt your business if you do the same. Remember that the goal here is to be in the highest ranking when it comes to search results. If you focus on doing this, your business will surely emerge victorious compared to your competitors.

4. Faster Website Speed Means Higher Conversion Rates

“How important is page speed?”, you might ask. Your website’s speed plays a major role when it comes to conversion rates, especially if you have a product or a service to sell. If you don’t have that, you probably want them to follow your social media accounts or join your mailing lists. Unfortunately, a slow website speed will not do that for you. If people cannot stay on your website for even a minute because the user experience is terrible and pages take forever to load, don’t expect them to choose to do business with you.

Amazon conducted a study that showed that their sales would drop to 1.6 billion annually if their website slowed by even a mere second. Mind you, Amazon is a well-known company already. What do you think would happen to newly established businesses?

These are only a few of the reasons why page speed matters. It is important that you take the necessary steps to upgrade your website. You will definitely reap the benefits in the long run.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by all this, especially if you don’t have any idea where to begin. But this is where experts can help. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we offer website page speed optimization. We can do the hard work for you. You’re guaranteed to get all the website traffic and conversion rates that you deserve! Contact us and we’ll do a quotation for your website!

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