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4 Ways You Might Be Doing Keyword Research Wrong

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In Search Engine Optimization, one of the most important aspects is keyword research. For your business to have an active presence on the internet, you must know how to do keyword research effectively.

Keyword research is the process of finding and researching what search terms users usually enter into their search engines when they are looking for certain answers such as the name of a product, a shop, tips, and general information. Many companies use a keyword research tool in order to have a more specific and competitive advantage against other businesses.

One of the key factors of a successful SEO is keyword research. For your website to rank higher in search engines, your content must be relevant and able to meet the needs of the users. In order to have an effective keyword search, recognize all the common keyword research mistakes you might be doing and know the ways on how to prevent it from happening.

1. You Keep Looking for a Broad Match

This mistake is the simplest and most common one. The volume of each search result is important, but many SEO specialists make the mistake of looking for broad keywords instead of the exact matches. Using a broad match instead of an exact match can make a lot of difference in the search results.

The main difference between broad match keywords and exact match keywords is that broad match keywords allow your content to appear whenever the keyword is present within the user’s query, while exact matches allow your content to be shown when a certain query matches the given keyword. The problem with using broad keywords is that when you target a certain keyword that has a broad match of about 3,000 and an exact match of about 200, your keyword use will fail because it will be targeting inaccurate search queries.

Using Googles Keyword Tool can sometimes be inaccurate, but you can try using the exact keyword matches to be able to come up with the data you need when doing keyword research.

2. Always Targeting Plural

Most websites are used to targeting the plural version of certain keywords, but according to recent study, the singular version of the keywords is actually what people are searching for. If your business offers more than one product or service, it may be reasonable to use the plural version of the keyword. You may use “personal computers” instead of “personal computer” without knowing that most of the time, the users’ queries contain the singular version.

Failing to target the right keyword can have a huge impact on your business, and it can cause your website to rank lower in search engine results.

3. Being Unrealistic

Doing keyword research is a simple task. You can use a keyword research tool and find the right keywords for your content. However, there are still some things you need to do if you want to achieve tangible results.

One of the main factors of having good keyword research is being realistic. Learn to select the necessary keywords relevant to your content, and related to your line of industry. Targeting keywords that are only one word is unrealistic and proven to gain little to no benefit. Targeting generic keywords is not a bad idea, but it will bring you more positive results if you use a more specific set of keywords to reach your target audience easily.

4. Not Conducting Keyword Reviews

Search engine optimization is a process. That’s why it has to be closely monitored, reviewed, and audited from time to time. The market and the users’ demands change all the time, so you have to keep up with the customers’ search behavior and produce content based on their demands. Developing your style is important in learning how to adapt with the ever-changing market.

Keyword reviews are important in every type of market. New and specific keywords come and go, and targeting keywords can sometimes be chaotic. With the developing market, a competitive keyword review is required for:

  • Eliminating low performing keywords
  • Providing the best performing keywords
  • Shaping your SEO and content marketing strategy for better results

If you want to have a good strategy for keyword review, you can use different keyword research tools such as Boston Matrix, and many more.

Now that you know the best keyword research tips for a more effective keyword research and search engine optimization, you can improve the rank of your website and produce relevant content that matches the queries of your customers.

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