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What Are Google My Business Posts and How They Help Market a Business

5 Effective Practices to Increase Your GMB Local Presence

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An important part of your strategy for local SEO is Google My Business optimization. It allows you to show up in Google’s Local Finder, Local Pack, Google Maps, and on top of organic rankings.

Over the past years, Google has included some awesome features on the Google My Business listing that can help you attract more visitors to your website and increase your rank in local search results.

There are numerous ways for you to optimize Google My Business for local SEO, and creating a GMB listing is the first step in establishing your local presence. “How to add my business to Google?” you may ask? — Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more.

Google My Business (GMB) is a cost-free tool that can help business owners manage their online presence across search engines. GMB does not replace your existing website; instead, it complements your website by providing a public identity and presence with a Google listing.

Ways to Optimize GMB Listing to Boost Local Presence

1. Enter Complete Data for GMB Listing

Creating a profile with up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive information becomes a priority when optimizing your Google My Business page. Businesses that offer the most detailed and accurate information on their profile are easier to search. Additionally, the more information you feed Google, the more Google will prioritize your GMB profile and rank it higher on local search results.

While there is a lot of information you need to provide, the most critical information you should complete right away includes name, address, business hours, phone, and website.

However, you may need more time filling out information like owner-generated Q&A’s, products and services, category and attributes, and “from the business.”

In addition, the following sections need to be continuously filled out and managed:

  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • Consumer-generated Q&A’s

2. Add Local Posts

Google My Business Local Posts allow you to publish events, products, offers, and services directly to Google Maps and Search. Posts enable you to engage with your audience and keep your presence updated on Google.

You can send local posts conveniently through your phone, computer, and tablet. Maximize Local Posts by ensuring that they are written with high-quality, respectful, and linked to trusted sites.

These posts should be kept PG, especially for businesses that provide regulated goods and services like alcohol, adult services, recreational drugs, and weapons. These businesses are allowed to post so long as the content is related to the products themselves.

3. Include High-Quality Photos, Videos, and Logos

The photos section is one of the features that Google will first look into when visiting your GMB profile. Therefore, it’s essential to include several high-quality photos of your business location, staff, achievements, quality, and company culture.

The photos you use for company listings vary greatly depending on the type of business and services you offer. In general, the basic guidelines of Google entails using at least three variations of each of these image types, depending on your company:

  • Rooms
  • Food and drinks
  • Photos at work
  • Team photos
  • Product photos
  • Interior photos of the property

4. Manage and Respond to Reviews

Responding to customer reviews on your Google My Business profile lets your visitors know that your business values its customers and their feedback. You can encourage customers to give their feedback by providing a link to write reviews for your business.

Reviews are considered a key ranking factor in the Google algorithm. They offer the primary influence on consumer buying. Furthermore, positive reviews offer a positive effect on potential customers who are researching your business. They also boost your business’s visibility in search results.

5. Write Your “From the Business” Description

With strict adherence to Google My Business Description Guidelines, business owners can now write their business descriptions on a GMB listing.

GMB’s From the Business allows you to enter a personalized description of your company in a free-form section, which may also include the services or products you offer and a call-to-action.

This description should provide information about your business’ purpose. To improve search visibility, make sure not to stuff your descriptions with keywords. Instead, incorporate at least one search term that reflects your business accurately.

Google My Business consists of 750-character information to be displayed on your listing. However, the Knowledge Panel only shows 250 characters. With this, carefully write your description — placing the most important keywords and information towards the front of your GMB description.

Optimize Your Google My Business Presence With Us

Optimizing your GMB local presence has never been easier and more convenient.

Google My Business for local SEO is important for you to manage and make the most out of your online presence across search engines. Make it easier for potential customers to learn more about your business with professional and reliable GMB optimization services from Advanced Digital Media Services. For inquiries, contact us today!

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