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6 SEO Tips for Improving Your Website During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many businesses trying to reduce their expenses and cut back on spending. Such an approach is both natural and practical. However, it is important to avoid over zealously cost-cutting to the point that it harms rather than helps.

One such aspect that most companies should not cut too much from is marketing, especially online. With movement restrictions for people across all parts of the globe, people have resorted to the internet and online services for their everyday needs. This highlights the importance of keeping a robust online infrastructure for most companies. Businesses should continue to find ways on how to improve a website during the pandemic. Companies that do not give up their marketing activities, especially those online, have higher chances of surviving and bouncing back after the danger has passed. We have compiled some SEO tips that can help you.

Website Optimization Best Practices During COVID-19

Do Some Spring Cleaning, the SEO Way

Enhance your website during the pandemic by going through all your content. Just as you would at home, you should remove everything that is no longer needed. This way, your website isn’t cluttered or outdated. You would not only free up space on your website but also direct your consumers to the newer and more relevant content that you have.

Target Coronavirus-Related Keywords

Arguably the greatest trends in the market today are all connected to COVID-19, as this has impacted the lives of everyone. Most of what people search online has some connection to this. For example, people want to know what they can do while sheltering in place. Alternately, they may also search for what food options are available near them. As such, you have to create content that relates to what your businesses are doing during the pandemic.

Improve Loading Time

Customers will not wait long for your site to load. After a few seconds, they would rather go on and search for other options. With customers resorting to the internet for their wants and needs, now is a good time to enhance your website by improving your loading time. Check how fast your site loads and try to diagnose and solve possible problems, which could include large files and images. While SEO tips like this sound simple and easy to ignore, they could be the only thing standing between you and securing a potential customer.

Improve Mobile Responsiveness

Another good web page optimization method is to make your website as responsive as it can be to every type of device. Buyers are using desktops and laptops less when shopping their everyday needs like food and clothing. This is because it takes time and effort to load up these devices when they can easily use their mobile phones, which are often already in their hands.

Optimize Google My Business

People are usually confined to their specific cities and municipalities because countries are trying to lessen the spread of COVID-19 by limiting travel. As such, optimizing Google My Business is a good way to practice location targeting to get customers that are close to you. For customers who are not able to go directly to you, GMB also lists your contact number so that these people can reach out to you.

Continuously Improve Your Website Based on Data and Customer Feedback

The secret to any marketing strategy is continuous development and improvement. Aside from gathering analytical data from your website, such as the number of visitors you get and what content has brought more traffic, it may be good to get feedback directly from your target market and your customers. In a time when most people are anxious, they are looking for companies that understand their needs. As such, you should tailor your website to address them based on data and feedback.

Dealing with the pandemic is hard for most businesses, especially financially. However, now more than ever, it is very important to come up with good marketing plans to help your businesses survive and bounce back from the pandemic. Apart from giving SEO tips, Advanced Digital Media Services offers a wide range of digital marketing services aimed at continuously improving your strategies to gain more traffic and customers. Contact us by filling out the form below!

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