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6 Types of Video Marketing Every Brand Should Know in 2021

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The world of marketing has been rapidly changing over the past years. It has become harder and harder to get customers’ attention and, most of the time, written content is no longer enough to convince customers to patronize your brand. Marketing has gone beyond putting enticing words for the customer to read. In this day and age, a new type of content marketing has taken over the industry. Video marketing is now at the forefront of any digital marketing strategy.

Think about it, if someone wants to try cooking a new recipe, engaging in a new activity, or buy a laptop, where do they go? They go to YouTube and look for videos on how to do it or for reviews on a specific product. As such, it is now important to have different types of video content to convince customers to buy your products and help them visualize your brand. Since more than half of customers are visual learners, only through employing different types of video marketing will you be able to effectively catch customer attention and maximize customer engagement.

Types of Video Content for Effective Marketing

If you haven’t embraced any of the different types of video marketing content, it’s about time for you to do so. Here are some effective types of video content that you might want to start with.

Brand Story

Every video marketing strategy should start with establishing your brand story. Every brand has a unique story of how they came to be, their journey towards where they are now, and their purpose for existence, which is usually what they offer to their customers. Starting with these types of video marketing will give customers a sense of connection with your brand off the bat before you even convince them to make a transaction.

Product/Service Demonstration Videos

After introducing your brand and your purpose, it is now time to showcase your product or service and do some product videos for marketing. Through these types of video content, customers will have a full glimpse of what you offer to them. Apart from merely creating videos showcasing your product or service, it would also help a lot if you demonstrate how they are used, how they function, or how you carry out a specific service to better entice customers to purchase them.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common parts of any website is the section on frequently asked questions. Now, here’s an idea. Why not make this section more interesting and engaging by converting it into videos instead of text? Not only will this be a fun activity for your company, but it will also project more authenticity to customers with regard to your answers.

Customer Testimonials

Arguably the most sought-after videos online, customer testimonial videos are must-have types of video marketing content. Customer testimonials provide social proof from people who do not necessarily benefit from others buying from your brand, making their opinions more appealing and persuasive to other potential customers. By creating videos of customers who are happy and satisfied with your brand, you do not only entice new customers but, more importantly, you are able to strengthen brand loyalty among existing ones.

Web Series Videos

One of the newer types of video content are web series videos. These are short and scripted videos whose plot revolves around your brand and usually capitalizes on some event. For example, a flower shop can make a series about their surprise flower delivery service for every occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, proposals, etc. Each episode should be short but fun or heartfelt so as to keep your followers watching and waiting for new episodes.

Short Film Video

These types of video marketing are more creative but also require more effort. You’ll have a complete film experience with characters and a story for your customers and viewers to watch. This video marketing strategy is typically used for garnering bigger attention for your brand since you can also have some sort of a premiere night promoting your short film and, of course, your brand.

As you can see, there are several types of video marketing content that fit every part of your business journey, from introducing your brand right down to building brand loyalty. If you are wondering how to make video marketing work for your business, Advanced Digital Media Services has the right answers for you! Our team of advertisers and video content creators will analyze your brand and your customers to identify which types of video content best fit your company. Start your video marketing campaign with us by filling out the form below!

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