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6 Ways How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Digital Marketers

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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is already transforming the face of digital marketing. AI can help optimize and speed up several marketing tasks, improve customer experiences, and drive more conversions.

Many are already using some type of AI-powered solution in their campaigns. However, not everyone fully understands the benefits of AI in marketing over traditional techniques.

Investing in new technology is a big commitment, and it can be intimidating, especially if it involves complex concepts. If you are not fully on the bandwagon yet, this article may help you decide whether or not to invest in AI.

How Does Digital Marketing Connect with AI?

Digital marketing means playing with SEO, keywords, social media, content, and emails to achieve results. For this, you have to know your target group, as well as their demographics and culture.

It is quite difficult for us to collect, calculate, and analyze raw data manually. At the same time, these pieces of information must be saved for either retargeting or to study trends. This is the place where artificial intelligence comes into play.

As a digital marketer, you want to know what, when, why, and how to market. You need proven data to support your decision when rolling out a specific campaign.

AI has the ability to identify opportunities and act upon them. Reports say that by this year, 2020, 85% of customers’ interactions with companies will no longer involve humans. It will be taken over by AI.

What Are the Best Features AI Can Offer to Your Business When Marketing Digitally?

1. Surgically Target Market

Artificial intelligence can make the process of selecting a target group easy. It can effectively choose the right type of audience for your business. The possibility of their selection going wrong is minimal. This is a crucial feature, especially with the growing number of internet users.

AI can also distribute budget and target users on various platforms and devices according to demographics, location, and other factors.

2. Personalized Experience

Customers who get good service and a good experience are likely to spend more! If digital marketing is done correctly using AI, it can make buying easy for your targeted customer. This helps bind customers to your brand emotionally and for a longer time.

3. AI Helps in Shopping

Augmented reality, a vertical of AI, is also changing the way people shop. They can now take trials of the clothes they are eyeing online, regardless of location. Imagine trying different outfits while sitting at home? Isn’t that convenient? More customers are expecting more brands to launch the VR-buying experience soon.

4. Content Generation and Curation

AI does not just choose perfect content for users; it can also get the marketers’ ROI in terms of eyeballs, reach, impressions, likes, and sales.

Content is important in digital marketing. However, it is quite hard to continuously come up with unique content.

AI-powered content generation does the research and writes content automatically as per the data gathered. This lessens the probability of errors and hastens the process of content creation.

AI can also help you create captivating videos and edit pictures like a pro.

5. Voice SEO

Voice SEO is taking over online search this year. This is probably not new to you because AIs on phones have long been used to identify music and track preferences. However, voice search is not limited to phones anymore. You can do it now off the screen using Amazon Echo and Google Home. By optimizing voice search, you are targeting a larger group of people.

Keep in mind that voice search is different from traditional search. SEO for voice search demands a more careful approach. Long-tail keywords are helpful. You have to make sure that they are closely related to your products or services.

With good knowledge of advertisement and the help of AI, advertisements can be personalized according to your target audience.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots are very helpful in many ways. They have made it simpler for digital marketers to carry out tasks accurately and quickly. Chatbots can answer customers’ queries instantly. They can also help in backlinking to your site and social media accounts to help increase visitors.

It is important to have a chat link on your website or Facebook page to allow 24/7 customer support. Facebook Messenger, which is now the second most used messaging application, has more than 34,000 chatbots deployed by different businesses to establish a more efficient communication method.

Ignoring the benefits of artificial intelligence in marketing can make you fall short of your goals, especially now that businesses are increasingly relying on technology. We at Advanced Digital Media Services can help you set up in AI-powered marketing technology. Check our SEO services now and chat with our representative by filling out the form below.

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