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6 Ways to Come Up with New WordPress Blogs

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If you are to start a new WordPress blog, your number one struggle might be coming up with a lot of ideas to write about. The key to effective content marketing is having content that is updated, relatable, and reliable. However, it might prove to be difficult to come up with fresh content over time.

Now that you know how to create a blog on WordPress, it’s time for you to produce your content. Your material should speak for your business. It should tackle things that are related to your brand. Continue reading this article to find out various ways to come up with new WordPress blogs.

1. Look at your competitors’ blogs.

Once you have decided on your WordPress blog theme, it’s time to write your content. If you don’t know where to start, you can check the blogs written by your competitors. From there, you can get an idea of what topics they tackle. You can also find out how they approach their audiences.

This technique is sometimes called the “Skyscraper Technique”. What you do is look at what others are writing so you can make a much better version of it. “Better in what way?”, you might ask. Well, here are some ways to do it:

  • You can make yours longer and more comprehensive.
  • You can include images and illustrations.
  • You can include new information.

2. Follow influencers in your industry.

Knowing how to create a blog on WordPress isn’t the only step there is. Once everything is set, you’ll need some material to put on your WordPress blog. If this is your first time, you can begin by following influencers. They will give you an idea of what to write. You can assess whether certain topics gather more readers compared to others. We highly advise writing something that will generate comments and feedback from your target audience.

3. Repurpose existing content.

If you have been running your WordPress blog for a long time now, coming up with new things to write can be a draining task. However, there is another effective way to come up with fresh content. You can always look back to your previous content and update it. It is possible that your old content is now outdated and new information has become available. You can also fix any grammatical errors or erroneous information that you might have overlooked the first time. You can also start working on your blogs that didn’t get a lot of traffic.

4. Listen to your audience’s feedback and comments.

If you have been managing your WordPress blog for quite some time, you have probably received feedback and comments. You can actually find ideas and helpful tips there so you’ll know what material to cover next.

5. Brainstorm with your team.

What better way to get new ideas than to brainstorm with your team? You will be surprised at what material you can get from them. Every person has a different perspective. From there, you can cover a certain topic from a different angle. You can also try sharing real-life stories to get your audience hooked on your content. You can opt to share your team’s successes or failures.

6. Talk to an expert.

Another way to level up the content on your WordPress blog is to talk to an expert. Experts have years of experience when it comes to content creation. You could interview someone who has already established their name or their brand in the industry. You’ll be amazed by the possibilities and ideas that you will gather.

These are only a few strategies you can use to come up with new topics for your WordPress blog. It can be hard to break free from writer’s block. That’s why it is important to know various ways to come up with fresh content.

If you are looking for a digital media company that can make amazing content for your website, call us at Advanced Digital Media Services! Our content team can help you achieve your goals online. We believe that content creation is a vital part of your digital campaign. Contact us now and we’ll see what we can do to improve your WordPress blogs!

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