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A Quick Guide to Image Link Building

A Quick Guide to Image Link Building

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Link building has been one of the most common SEO strategies to gain more traffic to a website and improve visibility. Building your website and getting a trusted website to cite yours is one of the most effective ways to make an established online presence.

Most SEO experts are already familiar with link building strategies, but there is one aspect of link building that is not talked about enough. This aspect is called image link building. This strategy can be a bit tricky, but there are simple ways you can build links using images.

In image link building, you can’t simply use any image and expect the links to automatically go flooding your way. Getting the right image that other websites actually want to cite in their website takes time and creativity. Here are some of the image types that usually attract links:

  • Graphs
  • Infographics
  • Maps
  • Product photos

So, why are these image types attracting links all over the internet? People want everything to be instant and easy. This is also applicable when it comes to taking in information from instructions and guides. When you post interesting information in the form of a well-designed graph or infographic, it will attract a lot of backlinks.

Ways to Build Links with Images

1. Correct Links from Improper Attributions

There may be some times when other users have credited your website with a link, but it points to the image itself and not the website. This will not be good for your website because a link for the image alone is a dead-end, and your audience will not be able to visit the website itself.

Here’s how you can correct improper attributions of your link:

  • Look for all the incorrect attributions. The first thing you need to do is to figure out if there are any improper attributions to your link. There are advanced online systems to figure out which websites are linking directly to your image files.
  • Request for proper attribution. Once you have figured out which websites are responsible for improper attributions, you can find their email address and reach out personally to ask for proper attributions.

2. Claim Links for Images Used Without Permission

Most of those who will use your images in their websites will credit you with a link, but some won’t. Same with correcting links, you can find all the unauthorized images by uploading your image in Google search, and Google will show you all the pages the image is being used.

Check whether these websites credited your site with a link. If not, then you can also reach out to them to ask for proper attribution and credit for the image.

Using google image search is easy and absolutely free. But it can be time-consuming to check every single website for proper attribution and credit links. You can use another system to monitor and make sure that all your images are used with authorization and your website is always credited with a link. This will be easier and you can choose which websites you would want to contact about your image link building.

3. TRUST Formula

In creating image backlinks, there are so many tools you can apply, but the most effective strategy you can follow is the TRUST formula:

  • Trending topic. Find a trending topic that journalists and bloggers are already talking about and create content about it and wait for the backlinks to come.
  • Research and analysis. When you find the perfect topic to create content about, do your research and find interesting data to make it different from similar content.
  • Unusual takeaway. To top off your killer content, you must think of a catchy and interesting headline to use. Make sure to keep your audience intrigued and interested in whatever your content is about.
  • Simple visual. Like mentioned earlier, everybody loves a simple visual. Create an image that is pleasing to the eyes and is easy to understand. Make sure to put all the details in your image and avoid using too many words to make it more pleasing to the eye.
  • Tactical promotion. The last and most important strategy of all is to promote your content. You can send an email blast to your audience. If you can, reach out and send an email to the trusted journalists you know are already talking about the topic.

There are a lot of things you can do in order to have successful image backlinks. You have to monitor all of your content and images to avoid unauthorized users. Advanced Digital Media Services offers the best SEO strategies and systems that can monitor and keep tabs on all your image content and make sure that your website is credited with links and are correctly attributed.

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