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Choosing the Right Parent Company for Your Reseller Hosting Business

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Convenience, affordability, and scalability make reseller hosting a big hit among businessmen. It is a practice where an individual purchases a package from a web hosting company at a discounted rate. How reseller hosting works begins and ends with the bandwidth, hard drive space, and other monitoring tools that are used to host websites on behalf of 3rd parties to gain profit.

Is Reseller Hosting Worth Investing?

Reseller hosting can be considered a good business idea, as it is simple and affordable. It is one of the easiest ways to get into the web hosting business. The major benefit of this plan is that all the technical undertakings, including hardware setup, software updates, and server maintenance are taken care of by the parent host. So, even if you are not an expert in this field, you can still become a reseller.

Keeping all these advantages aside, this niche is very competitive. Different clients require different hosting services. To keep your customers, you have to make sure that your parent hosting company can provide impeccable services.

To help you find the best web hosting company to work with, here are some important tips:

6 Things to Look for in a Parent Web Hosting Provider

1. Excellent Uptime Score

The first thing that you should check when choosing a parent hosting company is their uptime score. You want a web host that operates 24/7, with powerful servers and stable internet connections. Look for an uptime score that is above 99.5%. Anything below this may negatively affect your clients’ business or businesses.

2. Customizable Packages

As mentioned earlier, every client has different business needs. Unless your parent web hosting company allows customizable packages, you will not be able to offer web hosting reseller plans that will best suit your clients’ needs. Every package should have an allotted bandwidth, disk space, emails, and domains.

You should also be able to forecast the growth of your client’s business. This will help you determine the storage space and bandwidth that they will need in the future. Work with a web hosting company that offers upgrades, too!

3. Good Customer Support

Online businesses require round-the-clock support. Your hosting partner should be able to offer quality customer support to you and to your clients to fix any urgent issues quickly.

4. Regular Maintenance

Your parent web hosting company should be able to check hardware setup, software updates, server maintenance, and security measures regularly and efficiently. To operate 24/7, your provider should also ensure custom Firewall configuration, DDOS mitigation services, and Hyper-Availability (H/A) with several redundancies.

5. Reviews

Of course, you need to know what other clients have to say about the web hosting company that you are looking into. Go for a group that has favorable reviews. Years of experience is also important.

Any complaints about network problems, downtime, and security measures should be a red flag. Search for another one.

6. Cost

One common mistake that most aspiring resellers make is choosing a web hosting company that offers the cheapest price. They do not check the specifications listed in the package. You may initially get bigger profits when booking cheap packages, but if your customers do not get proper service, your business will not last long.

When choosing a web hosting company to join with, do not only compare the prices. You must also look at also the features and specifications. More often than not, when you go for the most affordable price, you let go of many important features that are guaranteed in higher-priced plans.

Other providers offer cheap web hosting reseller plans with long term contracts. Unfortunately, these are often put forward by groups that are not very reliable. If you pick such deals, you may save money initially but lose the freedom of switching to a better web host when it becomes necessary.

Reseller hosting is an easy and reliable way to start a web hosting business. While this idea is most suitable for IT service providers, as they have the knowledge and resources, anyone can be a reseller.

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