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How To Grow the Subscriber Count for Your Blog

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Two challenges that confront most bloggers are increasing blog traffic/viewers and growing their subscriber count. This article will explore various techniques that, when implemented, will substantially increase your blog’s readership and get more people to subscribe.

Included in this article are essential techniques that, when utilized, will attract more people to your blog and increase the number of blog subscribers. For example, in this article, you will find out how to boost subscribers by giving incentives, creating a dedicated subscription landing page, leveraging social proof, and making your content easy to read.

As the creator of a blog, you want readers who develop loyalty to your blog and who visit it regularly. You want readers who share your blog’s content with others and subscribe to your blog.

Website visitors who subscribe to your newsletter or blog and provide their email addresses move into your sales process. They become leads and potentially convert into customers.

Here are some excellent and practical tips to increase the number of visitors to your blog, increase blog readership and boost your website’s subscriber count.

Growing Your List of Blog Subscribers

Newsletters and blogs are critical for any website because they enable sharing of relevant content with prospects, customers, and subscribers. They also generate loyalty, encourage regular visitors, and help increase website traffic.

Check out these best practices listed below to boost subscribers to your blog.

1. Make it easy to find your subscribe button.

A simple way to increase your newsletter or blog subscribers is to have a subscribe button. Attracting readers’ attention to your subscribe button is crucial to encourage them to click it. You can do this in several ways, including:

  • Placing your subscribe button on the top right-hand corner of the blog. When reading English, people read from left to right, and their eyes naturally draw towards an object in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Making your subscribe button a call to action and placing it at the page’s bottom. If readers read an entire page and then come to a subscribe button, interacting with the subscribe button seems like a logical progression.
  • Displaying your subscribe button as a pop-up. Pop-ups attract viewers’ attention and elicit a reaction, so it is a good idea to incorporate your subscribe button into a pop-up. A pop-up can also be displayed when readers leave your site, asking them to sign up.

2. Incentivize subscribing.

It is common for people to want something in exchange for their email address. Therefore, offering a gift to encourage people to sign up using their email addresses for your newsletter or blog is a good idea.

For example, give 10% off products and exclusive access to other items when they subscribe to your blog. Users are encouraged to sign up because they will feel like they’re missing something if they don’t. Providing an incentive for people to subscribe, is definitely an effective way to boost subscribers.

3. Create a dedicated subscription landing page.

You should include a link to a dedicated subscription landing page when promoting your blog via email. Ensure the landing page is in an easy-to-navigate format and gives clear directions.

4. Make your content simple to read.

Because everyone is busy and has many demands on their time, people value content they can quickly skim while gaining valuable information.

You can simplify your articles by adding white space. White space is the area around the text that makes it easy to read. Furthermore, you should eliminate all jargon and use simple, understandable language. A well-designed blog or newsletter will be more popular with readers and more likely to attract and keep new viewers.

5. Leverage social proof.

Potential subscribers feel more comfortable signing up if they see how many others have subscribed to your content. If readers know that your newsletter or blog is popular, they feel more confident in receiving content. Clearly show how many people have subscribed and incorporate social proof in the form of reviews.

6. Make sure that people find you.

You must be well-known to gain subscribers. Here are six ways to ensure people see your newsletter or blog.

  • Make your blog easy to find on your website. Add a prominent link on the primary navigation bar of your website that points to your newsletter or blog. Such a link will substantially increase subscriber numbers.
  • Increase your social visibility. Social media is an excellent platform for brand marketing. Share your articles on social media every time you create a new one. Using social sharing buttons, you can also encourage others to share your articles.
  • Make contributions to other websites. You can get valuable backlinks to your site from websites with higher domain authority than yours, increasing your articles’ traffic and, ultimately, your subscribers.
  • Optimize your posts. Every post should focus on one keyword or key phrase. To rank highly on search engine results pages, you can repeat the keyword throughout your post. Use the keyword in the post’s title but not in the beginning. Include the keyword in image alt tags. Multiple plugins are also available for WordPress users to improve the SEO of their blog posts.
  • Create backlinks. Always use backlinks, as these will drive traffic to your site and improve your organic SEO. Link your blog on all digital assets, including websites, social media platforms, and email signatures. Include the backlink in your bio wherever it is posted and on comments made on other blogs and guest posts.
  • Work with influencers. Many companies reach out to social media users to request a quote or a product demo. Next, let the influencer know that your post includes their quote or mention of being online so they can link it. This will help you rank higher in search engines and generate traffic from your influencers.

Key Takeaway

You create a marketing tool when you publish a blog article. Next, it’s time to go out and use that tool to help others find your blog. You can also share your content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Comment on other blogs. Invite experts and readers to guest-post your blog. It will increase your blog’s popularity, expand its reach, and attract a larger audience.

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