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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing to Gain More Customers

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Google My Business is a tool that allows business owners to manage their online presence on all search engines effectively. A Google My Business listing is used to take advantage of a location-based strategy to gain more customers through local search success. GMB uses advanced features like Google Local Search that provides a list of nearby businesses with the information needed to find a certain business.

Why is GMB Important to Your Business?

Google My Business gives you the ability to list the location of your business on Google Maps and in local search results. When a user looks for a shop at a specific location, Google My Business can include your business information on the search results. You can display relevant information about your business such as working hours, contact details, and your website link.

Adding your business to a Google My Business listing is totally free, but in order to make sure that your business will stand out among users, it is important that you know how to optimize your Google My Business listing. When people find your business on one of their search results, the only thing that will make them stay and explore your site is if you put enough information to keep them interested.

Google My Business optimization is important to make your business more visible and able to gain more customers.

How to Optimize Google My Business?

People’s needs are always changing. That’s why your business information needs to be more accessible. You will need to optimize your page to be able to provide every piece of information your potential customer might need. Here are some tips for a successful GMB optimization:

1. Enter Your Complete and Accurate Data

Always take time to update your GMB page with accurate data and add good descriptions to your listing. Make it sound as friendly and local as you can in order to gain the trust of the customers immediately. Potential customers also want to see relevant results when they search for your business, so make sure that the information you will include is relevant and accurate.

Never leave any incomplete information to avoid confusion on the customer’s end. Communicate exactly what you do and what you can offer to the potential customer so that they can decide if they want to try your services right away.

2. Update Your Business Operating Hours

It is important to post and update your business hours regularly. You can also customize your working hours for all the holidays and special events. The accuracy of the operating hours posted is important to avoid missed appointments and bad reviews from your customers.

3. Add Photos

If you add photos and videos to your page, you will be able to catch visitors’ attention by telling a story about how your business works. If you are an e-commerce business, it will be very beneficial if you add photos of your products to set your customers’ expectations about what you have to offer. You can also add the exterior of your building, a professional photo of your staff, your company logo, and many more.

The more photos you upload on your page, the more it will help you rank higher in search results.

4. Be Accessible

One of the purposes of a Google My Business listing is for your business to become accessible. Let your customers reach you by enabling them to send a message or an inquiry. To do so, simply click “customers” on your page, choose “messages”, and then turn on your accessibility. Once you have enabled the accessibility, your customers will be able to message your business easily.

Being accessible is one of the best GMB optimization techniques because it will help your business become more visible in Google My Business.

5. Respond to Customer Reviews

Whether the reviews are good or bad, you must make sure that you respond to all of them. This will give your customers the idea that you are serious about giving them the best experience you can provide. This is also a good technique to build trust and establish a good relationship with them. Acknowledge their reviews and suggestions and thank them for communicating with you. Good customer engagement will show potential customers that you are a reliable brand, and will encourage them to try your products and services.

You can also use the customer reviews to get ideas about what customers like about your business. Learn what they liked about your services, and what needs to be improved for next time. This will give you the opportunity to improve and be better.

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