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How to Plan and Launch Your First Email Marketing Campaign

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Email won’t be going anywhere. It is a communication channel that has tremendously high popularity. People check their email multiple times per day. If you want to market your company, an email marketing campaign can help you get your name in thousands of people’s inboxes.

What is the cost? It is affordable, making it ideal for small businesses.

It’s not enough to send an email message about your business. Many promotional emails are lost or ignored by people every day. It is vital to ensure that your emails stand out from the crowd.

What can you do to make your first email campaign a success? Let’s get started: This is how to launch your first email marketing campaign to increase your company’s engagement and, ultimately, your sales.

Create a Targeted List

Step 1: Get your mailing list started.

Although your business website has been completed, there is still one thing you need: a way to get email sign-ups. It is necessary to have an area on your website where you can collect email addresses from customers – the first step in building your email database.

As a small business owner, you will spend money on Google and social media ads to boost website traffic and sales. Add a sign-up box to your homepage or a pop-up box to attract customers. The incoming traffic will help you fuel your email marketing efforts as a secondary tactic.

Your customers will not add their email addresses to your sign-up form just like that, though, so you must offer something valuable in return. This is called a Lead Magnet.

Try to offer the following:

  • A discount or a free coupon
  • A whitepaper, guide, or e-book download
  • Exciting case studies and industry information
  • Free assessment using your tool

Once you have a list of email addresses, you can use these to send out information about your business or notify them about your upcoming promotions.

Make Sure Your Design Works

Step 2: Find the right email marketing tools for your design.

Email marketing can bring outstanding results for your small business. There are different types of email marketing campaigns, some of which has even brought in a 3800% ROI for some companies. However, you must first design an elegant, logical email using the right email marketing software.

  • Choose an email service that is compatible with WordPress.
  • One that allows you to design your emails like an expert.
  • Add a plugin.

If your subscribers block image downloads or formatting styles to prevent spam and phishing attacks, make sure your email is readable in HTML format. You can personalize every email by choosing the option in your email service that allows you to use the names of your subscribers.

Consider adding strong images to support your message. If you want to convince someone to purchase a product, include the best photos you can find.

Write Contents That Tell a Story

Step 3: Email is all about storytelling. Make your email engaging and interesting.

Spend time creating quality content that is consistent with your brand message yet still reaches your customers on a personal level.

Your customers can learn more about you by telling stories in the emails that you will send. Also, stories are more memorable than information; hence, the best way to tell your customers about a product or a service.

Here are some email marketing campaign examples you can write about:

  • To enhance your emails, write anecdotal short stories.
  • Keep emails brief, sweet, and to the point.
  • Don’t use platitudes, speak like you are talking to an important friend.
  • Stories that are “reason why,” “origin,” or “vision” are the best stories.
  • Send your customers an email newsletter they will love.

Concentrate on Your Subject Lines

Step 4: Focus on the most important thing–the subject line.

Your customers must open your email to get your message across, and the subject line is what will get your customer to open your email. This brief description describes what your email is all about and follows after the sender’s name in the inbox.

Here are tips on how to add the best subject lines to your email:

  • Be friendly, use numbers, and keep it as simple as possible.
  • Do not use subject lines that are too clever. Instead, create curiosity and a sense of urgency.
  • Include value in your mail and mention it in your description.
  • Do not use multiple exclamation points.

These subject lines can be part of your email marketing campaign. You can choose the best and then test them.

Make a Call-To-Action That Pops

Step 5: Create a single call-to-action that jumps out at your customer.

Engaging content in your email is only possible if your subscriber clicks on your call-to-action prompt. This can be a link or a button that takes them to the page you want them to visit, such as a landing page or product page.

Remember the following when crafting your CTAs:

  • Strong CTAs are clear in their purpose and use simple language.
  • Do not be too fancy; use what people know.
  • Take into account the size and commitment of your CTAs.

Before You Send Your Email, Review and Test It

Step 6: Review and test your email campaigns.

You’ve created a great-looking email. It’s concise and easy to read. Now you can send it out to the world to find out if it works. Before you can do that, test it first.

  • You can send your mail to multiple addresses from the business website.
  • It is important to note how it appears in different email hosts.
  • See if it looks great on your smartphone.
  • Click on each link to see if it works or to check for errors.

You are now ready to launch your first email marketing campaign. Once you click “send,” you will be able to start measuring your results, such as your email’s open rate, number of registrations, or orders. You’ll see which campaigns are performing well and which ones are not. The results will be even better the next time you send a campaign.

Maximize the Potential of an Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

Email marketing is here for the long term. You’re losing out on huge potential revenue if you don’t make the most of email marketing.

Suppose you are ready to start your first email marketing campaign. In that case, you can check out the available email marketing campaign software online. Or, better yet, contact Advanced Digital Media Services’ St. Petersburg SEO team to help you get started.

Contact us and explore the email marketing campaign ideas perfect for your business today. The team can help you start small and concentrate on key metrics to get a feel for what your niche needs. We’ll ensure that your current website hosting and design are in sync with the content you send to your subscribers.

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