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How to Use SEO to Boost Your Brand Awareness Campaign

How to Use SEO to Boost Your Brand Awareness Campaign

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We can attest to the fact that Google has always given big brands preferential treatment. These brands can rank better with fewer links than smaller brands. They can also receive a penalty one week and be back at the top of the list the next week. Smaller brands have to walk a different path. Marketers should always be aware of the differences and plan brand awareness marketing strategies accordingly.

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

Ever Changing SERPs

Google tweaks its algorithm thousands of times a year. This means marketers must be aware of every update and anticipate the changes in user behavior. Featured snippets are on the rise. Knowledge panels are also getting a major boost in visibility.

Picking a niche and excelling at it is still one of the fastest ways to build brand awareness. Choosing a niche can provide you with an opportunity to prove your expertise in a particular area. A niche also allows marketers to delve deeper into competitive industries. Search engines favor brands that have established expertise in their field. Thus, once you become an expert in one field, it is easier to sell ideas in other areas. Brand strength starts with posting quality content, which can include products, information, or services.

Semantic search is still an element that business owners can optimize for when thinking of a good brand awareness marketing strategy. Algorithms have continually evolved to have a better understanding of what people are actually searching for. Semantic search implies that a search engine focuses on the true intent of a search as opposed to simply paying attention to keywords. While the optimization process has become more complicated, it allows savvy and knowledgeable marketers to stand out in search results.

Scalable Link Building Efforts

Consider including in your brand awareness campaign some scalable link building efforts. Link builders in times past believed one of the quickest ways to rank was to have hundreds, even thousands of inbound links. This led to a plethora of black hat tactics to secure those links. Needless to say, Google and other search engines cracked down on the abuse. Google is all about putting the stops in place to enable the best user experience possible. It is always better to have valid and relevant inbound links than to have hundreds of non-relevant links.

Reach Out to Your Own Online Community

If your brand is doing fairly well, it means that you already have an existing community that you can build up. Among the best ways to do brand awareness marketing are through blogs, social media engagement, and online discussions. The goal is to identify people who can contribute to the discussion and to create valuable long-term relationships. Consider using this same approach to gain an audience with the communities of your competitors. There may be a host of people in those communities that can share their input with you.

People use the internet several times each day to search for the things they need. This includes needing to know something, needing to go somewhere, needing to do something, and needing to buy something. When you boost your brand awareness campaign through SEO, you can tap into the needs of your audience and find sure ways to attract, convert, close with, and delight customers with your unique offers and products.

SEO has to go beyond helping people to simply identify with a logo or trademark. True SEO inspires people to discover your brand and connect. Discovery happens through good optimization and branding. Good branding is what happens when people choose to interact on your pages. It does not matter whether your store is online or brick and mortar. Effective SEO can help you connect with customers in the ways they prefer.

Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Brand

One of the most effective brand awareness campaign strategies is telling your story. Study any brand and there is great storytelling behind it. People can relate to storytelling because they have stories of their own to tell and share. Humans are hardwired to listen to stories. When brands can tell a story, marketers can tap into these human emotions.

In today’s world, humanity is the new premium. Society has quickened its pace and is overly-automated. Humanity remains the most important thing worth preserving. Businesses with an online presence are going to have to find new and effective ways to connect with real people. Brand managers must find ways to reach the heart of their customers and connect at the deepest levels.

Storytelling is the method that weaves emotions and facts together. When you can do this, it makes it a lot easier to build brand awareness and convince customers that they should buy a product or service.

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