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Secrets to Creating High-Quality Backlinks

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The building of high-quality backlinks joins at the hip with SEO. If your website is to achieve favorable ranking, it is impossible to do so without high-quality backlinks. We can admit that building backlinks is an arduous task. However, someone has to do it. So what is a high-quality backlink? For one, it is relevant to your niche; it can send additional traffic to your site and is not a paid or reciprocal link. High-quality backlinks are also helpful for your page ranking. Most notably, such links are hard to get.

How to Get Backlinks When You’re Not Well Known

You can learn different methods on how to create backlinks if your company is emerging and not yet on the map. Building relationships has to be the key to successfully building backlinks to your website. When legitimate websites do not know who you are, they will not link to you. As such, leveraging public relations can set your business up for future success.

  1. One way to establish yourself as an expert that others will want to link to is to plug into social media. You will need to keep your own personality intact, though. Transparency and quality content are the keys to getting social media shares. You cannot post material that is bland and boring. People will find it difficult to accept anyone who is not honest.
  2. Backlinks can follow from meeting people in your industry. There are people who may even suggest that you write a blog or contribute to their own social media efforts. Social media can also help you build a viable email list. Of course, this increases the opportunities to gain additional backlinks. Again, building high-quality backlinks is largely about building relationships.
  3. Another must for building backlinks is to write great content. Think about it. Who would want to link to content that is not compelling? The content that can kill your efforts will be content that is either dull, too familiar, or too simplistic. Add to the list content that is too wordy and that takes the reader nowhere.
  4. An excellent way to chase backlinks is to create an original study on a subject. If you can research and publish valuable data that no one else has, your content can potentially put you in the driver’s seat. Keep in mind that when others reference your material, they will likely have to provide a link. You can also choose to rewrite relevant and available content in a new and refreshing way.

More High-Quality Backlinks Strategies

If you read more about how to get backlinks online, you’ll surely see a post about guest blogging. Guest blogging for other sites can take up a lot of your time and energy. However, if the content is relevant and thought-provoking, try to guest blog for sites that are bigger than yours. Do this successfully and you are sure to get high-quality backlinks and extend your reach. You can also use this method to drive traffic and to increase your own personal and website authority. We know it might sound difficult, but if you can build a relationship with influencers bigger than yourself, it can take your personal branding efforts to the next level.

Many bloggers are able to co-brand projects and embark on speaking engagements, which of course can lead to more backlinks. We are not saying it is easy, but someone has to step up to the plate and do it.

List Possible Sites for Blogging Collaboration

Make a list of sites that you would want to get high-quality backlinks from. Try making a list of at least 20 websites. Target the ones you think your audience visits. This may take time and research, but it’s worth completing the mission.

Once you choose a list of sites, narrow down the search to include those with the highest to lowest domain authority. There are tools that your team can use like Followerwok, Moz Bar, and Open Site Explorer to narrow down your research. Moz Bar is a free tool.

The next course of action is to design your pitch to submit ideas to sites of interest. There may be submission forms along with email addresses of copy writers. Plan for a well-thought-out submission; otherwise, it will be easy for them to overlook your suggestions.

There are numerous things you can do to get your backlink program up and going. However, it is not easy work. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we can help your company put an SEO program in place that may help take your website and company to its next level of online success. You must learn how to get backlinks and never overlook their merits if you want your company to stay out in front of the competition. Check out our affordable SEO services and tap into the very best your company has to offer.

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