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SEO Positioning: 5 Ways to Rank High on Search Results

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Have you ever wondered why most of your efforts to maintain a good SEO position sometimes end up far from what you expected? Most marketers experience the same trouble. Maintaining a good position on search results takes time and serious planning to accomplish.

Therefore, a sound understanding of search position leads to good knowledge on how to improve position in Google search results.

Search Position and Your Business

Search position is your webpage’s spot on search engine results. A good SEO positioning results from an effective strategy that makes your website easy to find on Google and other search engines. Indeed, it’s a strategy that brings your business closer to its target audience, and an online marketing agency can help propel you to the top.

A good SEO position props your website on the first page of Google searches, giving you a better chance at clicks and visits. A single click leads to additional website traffic and user activity, resulting in additional leads and customer engagement. Consequently, more customers mean increased revenues.

Elevating Your Business with SEO Positioning

Since the Internet’s emancipation, people’s lives and how they do business have changed forever. Setting up a business without an online presence has become unimaginable. Thus, every business, large or small, aims to get ahead of the competition. One way to do that is to focus efforts on getting a good SEO position.

How to increase SEO ranking is an integral part of laying down the groundwork for marketing your brand, and for a good reason. According to statistics compiled by digital marketing consultancy firm Impact, on the first page of Google search results alone, the first five organic account for 67.60% of all the clicks. If that doesn’t convince you that ranking on the first page of Google searches attracts customers, the same compilation shows that only 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the second page.

When you know how to increase SEO ranking, you are setting up your business to be at the right place and at the right time, all the time. It is the first step to driving traffic to your website and getting ahead of the competition.

Five Ways to Improve Your SEO Position

There is no doubt that a good SEO position can get your business places. If you want to know more about how to increase SEO ranking, try the following:

1. Write Quality Content

Understanding what your customers are looking for is vital in establishing trust and improving your ranking. Writing relatable and relevant content that answers your customers’ inquiries is the best way to let them know you have what they need and what they want.

Constantly posting quality content with competitive keywords will help you rank higher on search results. Establish the credibility of your brand while building the trust of your customers by ensuring that your content finds the right audience.

2. Answer the FAQs On Your Website

One of the most effective ways of improving search position is through answering FAQs on your website. You can determine the most common questions asked about your service by doing some research on your competitors’ sites. Once you have identified the questions, you can answer them on your page.

Remember, having an FAQ section on your page doesn’t automatically give you a better SEO position. Adding relevant content to your page gets more users to explore your site and increases your chances of ranking in search results.

3. Make Your Site Concise and Easy to Read

If you regularly post articles and related content on your site, you must make it easy to read. You want to turn their interest in your products and services into engagement and retention. Improving your content structure is the key to getting more leads and ranking higher. Add headings, subheadings, and break your content into sections to make it easier to browse.

4. Optimize Your Images

Another way to improve your SEO position is by optimizing your images. Matching an image to a target search phrase helps improve the rank of your business website.

Image optimization provides a brief description of what your page is all about. All you need to do is give each image a descriptive name, an alt tag, and an image title tag to propel your site to the top.

5. Target Accessibility on Mobile Devices

It is no surprise that most of today’s consumers depend on their phones before making a purchase. 60% of all search results in the US are done through a mobile phone. The best thing you can do to improve your ranking is to optimize your page to become mobile-friendly and accessible to most of your target audience.

Aside from being accessible to your audience, a website with a mobile version allows Google to record and index the site as mobile-friendly and prioritize your page versus other pages that do not offer the same feature.

You can use Google’s mobile-friendly test to try out the mobile optimization of your site. You will see the highlights of your website and all the features that need fixing to make it more friendly to your audience with mobile devices.


A high-ranking website is an essential piece in improving your business and generating more revenue. With a good SEO position, your site will quickly be seen and explored by your target audience. With more activity on your site, you will have more leads resulting in more sales. You can use an SEO position checker to track your position and make the necessary adjustments to remain on top.

Advanced Digital Media Services caters to that need with professional SEO services if you are looking for an SEO company to handle your SEO position needs. Our team of experts leverages their in-depth SEO knowledge and experience to keep your business on top of search results. Contact us now!

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