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Tips to Improve Your Locksmith SEO Strategies

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Someone out there has locked themselves out of their car or house. Maybe they have lost their keys and need to replace the locks. They would have opened up the phone book 20 years ago and started calling the hundreds of locksmiths that were available. It was tedious and difficult to know if you were calling an accredited locksmith back then.

It’s a completely different story now that we live in the information age. When someone locks their keys in their car or needs assistance with their locks, they simply open their phones and search for “locksmiths near me” or “24-hour locksmiths,” and they have all the information they need to locate a locksmith right at their fingertips.

With the number of people searching online and looking for local locksmith services, it’s essential that you invest in top-notch SEO to ensure that your website is easily found. If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you! We’ve outlined some of the best locksmith SEO tips for you to incorporate into your strategy.

Best Locksmith SEO Tips

Here are some of the best tips to improve your locksmith SEO strategy and attract more clients to avail of your services:

1. Claim your online listings.

Google will display a section that shows local businesses when internet users search for local services. To be able to appear in the maps section, you’ll need a Google Business Profile, which was previously called Google My Business. You must claim your profile and complete it as fully as you can. You can use it to leave content for internet users. You can also provide COVID instructions and any other information that you wish to share with your clients.

2. Conduct strategic keyword research.

What keywords might your customers use to find your business? “Locksmiths near me” is one of the most common queries on search engines. The second most popular one is “care locksmiths close to me.” There are many more options, but they may be different depending on where you live and who your target clients are. It’s best that you conduct strategic keywords to identify the right keywords to target.

3. Craft top-notch content.

When doing SEO for locksmiths, you should follow Google’s E.A.T. E stands for expertise. Is your content providing enough value to your clients? Is your content worthy to rank for the target keywords you have chosen? Review your content and add additional information as necessary.

4. Put out blogs regularly.

Writing top-notch content as part of your locksmith marketing strategy is a great way to build your expertise. Write about the common problems your client encounters, and provide them with appropriate solutions. Google and other search engines will reward you for solving potential clients’ problems and answering their questions before they make a decision on which locksmith to hire.

5. Start writing guest posts.

The A in E.A.T. stands for authority. Google uses a popularity contest to determine who is the most authoritative on certain topics. A vote is given to you when another website links directly to your site. The more votes you have, the better and the more popular you become, and Google considers you an authoritative site. These votes are not equal as all links may not be created equally. The best links are those that link to quality sites with content similar to yours. Avoid link spamming and private blog networks.

6. Submit your website to local directories.

The last letter on E.A.T. is T, which stands for trust. Trust is built on consistency across local directories. There are approximately 30 local directory sites you can submit to. One of the benefits you can get when you submit local directory listings as part of your locksmith SEO strategy is increased chances of your clients finding your business online.

7. Publish client reviews.

Getting positive reviews is also a part of establishing your trustworthiness as a business. You don’t have to worry about a negative review. If you get one, respond in a way that addresses the issue. The best thing about reviews is that they’re provided by your clients, so you don’t have to write anything. They’re powerful as they can help convince your prospects that you are a trusted local locksmith.

8. Get involved in your community.

Getting involved in your local business chapters is another way to boost your locksmith advertising strategy. Donate to local schools. Sponsor local civic programs. Support local charities. Aside from helping worthy causes, you also get to gain connections that can help you get more clients for your locksmith business.

9. Implement periodic updates on your website.

One of the reasons you should update your website from time to time is to ensure security. Make sure your website is safe for your visitors and clients. Google will not trust your website if it has a virus that causes users to have problems or security issues. You must ensure that all website updates are done promptly. If you’re using WordPress, you should ensure that it is up-to-date, as well as all the plugins. Each plugin can create security holes in your website, so check them one by one.

Another reason to update your website periodically is that search engine algorithms are constantly changing. You have to keep up with all the updates to maintain or improve your ranking on search results.

10. Be active on social media.

Utilizing social media sites is an important way to support SEO for locksmith businesses. Google has developed a technology that allows them to understand social signals. This can impact your website’s search engine ranking.

If you think that Facebook doesn’t require much time or that tweeting is inefficient, you should change your mentality immediately. To promote your business, you must spend at least an hour a day on social media platforms. Your reputation and credibility will be enhanced by a strong social media presence.

Is Your Website Locked-Up?

If you think that your website isn’t doing its job of reaching your prospects and converting them into regular clients, there must be something in your strategy that needs improvement. Not all marketing strategies are equal, so not all of them provide long-lasting results. It’s essential to identify the best techniques and practices that work for your locksmith business.

SEO can help you make your website more visible online. You’re missing opportunities if you don’t take advantage of all the methods available to direct more people to your site. What you don’t use, your competitors will take advantage of. If you want to connect with your regular clients, it’s time for you to consider how prioritizing search engine optimization can help you.

For people to find your website online, they need more than one page. Optimized locksmith websites should include informative blog content, on-site data optimization, and support for constructive off-page strategies. While some of the most successful locksmiths rely on Google Ads for their PPC campaigns, investing in SEO for locksmiths is still the best and most cost-effective way to dominate the search results.

Turn the Key With Top-Notch SEO

You don’t have to break through locks to access exceptional locksmith SEO services. Advanced Digital Media Services is here to help you be known as the most trusted local locksmith in your area. Whether you’re a commercial, residential, automotive, or 24-hour locksmith, we’re here to help you stand out among the volume of competitors you have.

We understand that improving your ranking on search results requires lots of effort, so we’re here to help. You can focus on providing locksmith solutions while we focus on providing you with locksmith SEO solutions. Through top-notch SEO in Denver, we will help you navigate the digital world and climb to the top of search results.

Contact us today, so we can start helping you turn your website into your most profitable marketing channel.

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