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Voice Search and SEO

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We know that voice search in SEO is growing. While millions of people use Google voice search, they are still not fully aware of the ramifications from a purely technical point of view. Also, voice technology and search are becoming so accurate that it is far easier for some people to speak than to type. Voice search can now recognize and return your desired results with up to 90% accuracy.

Those consumers who use voice search do so because they find the technology to be convenient. They don’t have to worry about typing and misspelling something. Their results are quick and correct. Many people enjoy the novelty of the technology and also like the idea of being able to go voice shopping and multitask while doing other things. Voice search speaks to the type of technology that people can envision for the future.

Of course, there are a number of platforms that provide voice search results. Amazon, Baidu, and HOUND are just a few.

Here are some of the better reasons why you should optimize for voice search now:

  1. Voice search expands the need for a mobile-friendly website. Mobile friendliness is a ranking requirement of Google and other search engines. Google, especially, has always been on a mission to make sure that users have the best online experience possible. Smartphones and tablets make up almost 60% of internet searches and traffic. People search on the move, and the website that can provide what they need in products, information, or services is the one that gets their attention and commands their loyalty.
  2. Phrases are what will drive traffic in the future. When you’re doing voice search optimization, be aware of how people search with voice as opposed to how they might query a search engine. When people ask their phone a question, they have a tendency to speak in complete sentences, for the most part. Long-tail phrases will therefore have the greatest impact.
  3. Download speed will always matter and make a difference. A fast website satisfies the customer as well as search engines. People want immediate satisfaction and search engines like the practice of efficiency.
  4. Conversational content rules. Many developers focus on providing content that users can bond and engage with. Optimize for voice search to make people feel comfortable while getting your message across.
  5. Google voice search offers unique benefits and solutions for people looking for products and services right where they are. It is now quite easy to ask your phone for more information on a local business.

Smart Device Stats

“Smart speaker” is also a term many developers are aware of. These devices include Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homepod. While not everyone has one, the number of owners is growing. Up to 61% of the population owns a smart speaker, and over 50% of those people use their devices daily. Some utilize their device for eating, research, scheduling travel, and taking care of other small tasks.

By the year 2020, as much as 30% of all Web browsing will happen without a screen. By 2050, the experts predict that consumers will conduct half of their searches through voice technology. Voice shopping is also the new trend! While we will not go into full detail here, the future will also consist of visual search.

How to Optimize for Voice Search

Always think in terms of FAQs. Think of the natural language people will use along with their probable search terms. For instance, they might query the term “movie hours.” On the other hand, they might speak “List your movies and hours,” so you have to get creative and listen to how people speak.

Of course, you have existing pages that you can always optimize for voice search as well. You can always conduct research to determine exactly what people are typing to arrive on a particular page. Of course, we keep reminding customers to optimize their content for mobile-friendly search. That includes both blog and website content.

Optimize your content for featured snippets as well. Ask Google a question and it will sometimes take you to a snippet page. Then they can click the link that leads directly to your product, service, or information.

Voice search will continue to grow with mobile. As such, there are no signs of mobile usage slowing down. With the right support, your website can gain a higher ranking and increase leads and conversions.

If you are on a mission for your website to rank higher, then consider partnering with Advanced Digital Media Services. We offer the best SEO services and can give you guidance for internet marketing that speaks to your industry, strategic steps for increasing traffic and sales, and solutions to embark on a clear path to rank higher on the major search engines.

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