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10 Smart Ways to Earn Quality Backlinks for SEO

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If you have a business online, or any website for that matter, getting a higher rank in Google is a goal. It is the truth, spoken or unspoken. Many business owners have gone to great lengths just to reach the top pages of different search engines without penalties and added charges.

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy game. There are absolutely no shortcuts and no magic button. However, resourcefulness, persistence, and creativeness can do you a world of good.

Google’s algorithm is always changing. Its inconsistency makes it hard to predict what future trends will be like. This is why being updated is very important.

Your website appears on what is called search engine ranking position (SERP) once users search for keywords relating to it. Search engines determine SERPs by the quality, relevance, and quantity of your SEO backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

To put it simply, it is a link that connects any two active web pages. This goes from internal links on your own website or external links from one site to another.

The process of creating backlinks is called link building. Mind you, this is an important part of SEO. The way search engines such as Google view it, having many backlinks associated with your website is like winning a popularity contest. It also appears to be a nod or a seal of approval given by one website to another, guaranteeing the page is worth visiting.

What are the qualities of a good backlink that can improve your page rank?

Truth be told, any backlink is a plus, but some carry more points than others. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Page Relevance
  • Indexed Website
  • Do-follow
  • Site Authority
  • Free

What Can You Do to Boost Your Rank Through Backlinks?

1. Survey Your Competition

There are websites that can help you do this, such as MajesticSEO or Open Site Explorer. You can visit the suggested links to know if your website content is fitting as well.

2. Keep Track of All Unclaimed Link Opportunities

If you track your brand name in Google, you will discover web pages that recognize your company or your products and services that did not directly provide a link to your website. Contact the website owner and request backlinks.

3. Create a Guest Post

Guest posting is an old method, but it remains effective. Pitch in articles or request to write for other people’s websites. If they say yes, you do not just get backlinks; you are also able to showcase your expertise as well.

4. Participate in Social Networking Websites

This also seals in your reputation as an expert, aside from the copious number of backlink opportunities this can bring.

5. Create Press Releases

An online press release is a great idea to boost your number of backlinks. Just make sure that your news is worth the bother.

6. Backlinks Through Infographics

Infographics are among the best techniques to bring traffic to your website and gain valuable backlinks. They are easy to understand and share. Who doesn’t love visual data? The demand for infographics has increased tremendously. However, remember to choose your infographics carefully. It must have a unique and interesting story for your audience. Be sure to follow currently trending topics and see what people are looking for, then create one using statistical data.

7. Write Testimonials

You only need a few minutes to get a link from the homepage of an authoritative website. As long as you are a follower of that brand, there’s a high possibility you can get backlinks in exchange for a testimonial.

8. Stop Spamming Sites with Useless Content

Stop sending message boards and article sites irrelevant content. While this may work temporarily, these strategies can become outdated very quickly.

9. Earn Links Naturally and Evenly Over Time

Your links should be attained gradually and organically. Patent US20050071741 outlines how Google analyzes the age of links and the rate they are obtained and then uses this information to calculate search results.

10. Avoid Purchasing Links

Intentionally paying for links to boost your page ranking is against Google’s terms of service, and you risk being penalized.

Your link-building campaign should be consistent for you to see an impact on your web ranks and traffic. We at Advanced Digital Media Services have been providing top-quality SEO services for quite some time now. We know what works and does not. Let us help you develop an effective backlink campaign that is custom-made for your company, goals, and SEO objectives. Speak to one of our experts now by completing the form below.

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