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13 Content Promotion Strategies to Drive More Traffic

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Content promotion strategies drive traffic to your blog along with great content. The standard recipe for content marketing success is to write as many quality blogs as possible for targeted keywords. Write at breakneck speed and keep your competitors below the table. However, we should not forget that promotion is at the core of content marketing. Without promotion, all your efforts will be wasted. This is why marketers should prioritize designing content promotion strategies over creation.

In this article, Advanced Digital Media Services aims to help you create a roadmap for your content promotion strategy from the beginning to the end. Our tips consider your target audience and business because each promotional strategy is unique. These content promotion tactics and proven methods are helpful to increase traffic to your site.

Leveraging Content Promotion Techniques

Although publishing content to your website will not increase traffic or improve search rankings, it can help you get your content in front of the right people. Success is dependent on the success of your content promotion strategies.

Let’s look at content promotion techniques that increase social media shares and brand awareness.

1. Add ways to share content on social media easily.

A great promotional strategy starts with great content. You want to promote your content with value-add.

You should ensure that every piece of content has easily-visible share buttons. Content promotion tools like floating bars with share links are a great idea to display while the reader scrolls through the content. If they feel inspired, they can share a quote or fact that they find compelling.

2. Make sure your visuals are optimized for sharing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This adage is true for your marketing drive. Make sure images are correctly sized when you promote content via social media. Different sites may display different size requirements. Instagram displays a square image measuring 640×640 pixels, but Twitter uses a horizontal rectangle measuring 440×220 pixels. Clear images are important when uploading them. If a platform automatically increases the size of a small image, it will become blurred.

3. Use content to create videos.

Video is the new holy ground for social media content promotion. Video is the future of brand storytelling, and you should make the most of it.

Short clips are content promotion tools that businesses can also use to promote content. For example, let’s say you have a great long-form article with quotes from an influencer. A quick clip of an influencer sharing their thoughts on video is a great way to reuse the content and push people towards the main article.

4. Use keywords to promote organic content.

Content promotion strategies like this encourage you to include the correct words to increase your visibility before search engines. It will also help you reach the right audience searching for precisely what you offer. Your conversions will be affected and improved by optimizing your content.

High-quality images and videos are valuable content. It would help if you optimized your visuals as well as text-based optimization. Pay attention to text-based optimization, image titles and alternative texts, and alt tags.

One rule that you should remember in designing your content promotion strategies is maintaining a natural order in your articles. This technique prevents your articles from looking too spammy. Therefore, structure your article using keywords in your headlines and subheadings and your paragraphs and URL slugs.

5. Reach out to influencers during content production and promotion.

Imagine you are a nutritionist, specifically in supplements. Influencers can have a massive impact on your business and help you reach more people. A registered dietician is a prominent heavyweight influencer who has built a large following through her informative and actionable content. You can contact her for a blog post that you are currently writing to get quotes.

You should notify her when publication is due. You can be sure that she will share your content if it contains her quotes. It’s one of the best content promotion tactics for your business.

6. Select articles for guest posting.

Bloggers publish most of their original content as guest blogs. This marketing drive is a great way to generate leads and improve your SEO.

Guest posting is an essential metric for content promotion. It would be best to strategically consider providing your content to trusted sites to increase your visibility. This tactic will quickly increase your influence. You can use it to promote your brand, content, or service.

7. Make use of the comment section to your advantage.

Engaging with people can be as simple as leaving thoughtful, value-added comments on other content. It’s easy to add a brief note to another piece of content as long as you respect the rules. Participating in the comments section can help you establish yourself as an authority and attract new customers.

Be proactive in inviting and responding to comments about your content. Including this two-way approach to comments in your promotional strategy should encourage readers to share your future content. Some sites won’t allow you to insert links, making your site look unprofessional and demotivating.

8. Make sure to include internal links to your most effective evergreen content.

Do you remember that blog post from last year? Or last week? Or month? Your audience shouldn’t forget your posts easily. You have abundant links if you create relevant, evergreen content within a niche. You can add relevant and valuable links to other content you have created.

Links are content promotion tools that get your audience to click through your content. It will increase engagement, drive traffic, and build a solid connection to your brand.

9. Maximize content communities.

Medium, Mashable, and GrowthHackers are just a few of the many online communities that offer a way to reach new audiences. Engaging communities is a great way to get backlinks by sharing your content.

Your industry will determine the type of community that you create. Targeting niche sites will result in more content engagement because you can reach people interested in your industry. It would be best to balance your promotion techniques with community involvement, or else you could come off as a content spammer.

Regular contributions and genuine engagement, such as commenting on other people’s input, will help you maintain a good presence and drive traffic.

10. Repurpose your content.

Repurposing content is a great way to save time, energy, and money for your content creation team. Repurposing content can also help with content promotion strategies.

For example, you have a whitepaper that has been successful in key performance indicators such as click-through rates and sharing. To create a brief podcast, you might distill the points in that whitepaper. Remember that different people consume media differently, so its logic is simple. You can reach different audiences by converting a written document into an audio format.

11. Tap into your network.

Designing a promotional strategy doesn’t need you to look outside to influencers, communities, and social media masses. Your network will likely have many valuable connections that will help you expand your reach.

It is common for larger companies to have professionals who aren’t aware that content promotion strategies and even content creation efforts are underway. You should make sure that you share new content within the company and encourage others to do so. Tapping into your network is an excellent advantage because individuals in the company might have niche followers relevant to their field of work.

12. Engage by asking questions.

Content is like a conversation. Content should not be one-sided. Engaging your audience is key to boosting your content promotion strategies and ensuring more people share what you create. Ask your audience to participate. You can do this by asking questions or sharing surveys via social media.

You can end a newsletter by inviting readers to comment, question, or give feedback.

13. Based on your results, make adjustments to your content promotion strategy.

Last but not least, remember that there is no one content promotional strategy. Flexibility is the beauty of content promotion and creation, especially in the digital age. You should make the most of it. You can see which types of content perform better than others, such as podcasts or social media videos. Make more of them.

Focus your attention on Twitter conversations if you notice that you get the most engagement when you tweet a post. You need to have detailed data to understand how distribution and creation processes work. Ensure you track the performance of external publications and social engagement and monitor referral traffic.

Get Your Target Audience to Notice You

It’s not enough just to put together your content. Content promotion strategies are designed to ensure you reach your target audience. Content promotion is a process that outlines your target audiences and the platforms on which you want to promote your content.

Increase clicks, boost traffic, and engage with your target audience through SEO Services in Denver from Advanced Digital Media Services. ADVDMS’ content promotion strategies will allow you to build links, improve keyword rankings, and increase conversions.

Use content marketing to drive traffic to your site and help you achieve your business goals. Learn more about how you can promote content properly with ADVDMS. Reach out to our team today and start adjusting your promotion strategy to make the most of content promotion strategies that will get you noticed.

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