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4 Reasons Custom Websites Perform Better Than Template Websites

4 Reasons Custom Websites Perform Better Than Template Websites

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When creating or redesigning your business’s website, there is one crucial choice to make: having a custom website built or creating one yourself with readily available website templates.
Your website serves as an essential tool for expanding your business’s reach and influence. It needs to represent your business well, be widely appealing, and exceed your prospective clients’ and customers’ expectations to fulfill its purpose.

Custom Website Designs vs. Pre-Made Templates

If you have a tight budget or are short on time, utilizing free website templates on the internet may seem to hold the most benefits. However, your control and creative freedom on the backend are limited. There is no guarantee that the finished product will meet your business’s and prospects’ needs.

While you can use your own content and resources, you can’t do much else with website design templates. Using pre-existing themes for your website eliminates its uniqueness. Additionally, highlighting essential information depends on the fixed presets — not to mention the time and effort needed to do everything yourself.

Custom website designs, on the other hand, are built from scratch. This gives you total control over your site’s backend, guaranteeing that you meet your marketing needs.

To create a custom website, you have to hire a digital marketing company and coordinate with its web designers to develop a design that suits your needs. This allows you to allocate more time towards growing your business while the experts create your website.

Reasons Why Custom Websites Perform Better Than Template Websites

The performance of each website in the vast digital world is based on numerous factors. Four of the most important are:

  • The user experience;
  • The audience engagement;
  • The conversion rate; and
  • The SERP ranking.

Custom websites are proven to excel and perform better than template websites in all four fields.

To better understand how custom websites provide business owners with more advantages, here are some more pros:

1. Custom websites establish and grow your brand.

Your website is both an effective marketing tool and the greatest means towards establishing and growing your brand. Not only does it provide your prospects a glimpse of your vision and mission, but it also allows them to familiarize themselves with your business.

When opting for a custom website design, you innately enjoy:

  • The creative utilization of your brand’s unique colors; and
  • A practical layout to optimally convey your message.

Template websites do not provide the same benefits.

2. Custom websites provide enhanced functionality.

Custom websites are proven to enhance functionality. The design of your website should be focused on the convenience of internet crawlers, so this is a crucial aspect to consider. When it comes to functionality, you reap the following benefits:

  • Responsiveness: Custom websites are built to maximize responsiveness regardless of the medium used, whether a desktop, phone, or tablet.
  • Seamless Navigation: With custom websites, you have the power to highlight important information and utilize different tools, such as quick links and search bars, to provide your visitors easier navigation.
  • Security: Website designers work hand-in-hand with developers to fortify the site’s protective means against the throng of online scammers and hackers.

Template websites provide limited functionality enhancements due to being pre-designed.

3. Custom websites utilize SEO.

When opting for a digital marketing company’s services, you get a website structured around the best SEO practices as a solid foundation. This essential practice affects your SERP ranking and maximizes on-page, off-page, mobile, and local SEO.

Numerous template-made websites exercise outdated SEO practices, making it difficult to land a preferable SERP ranking and doing your business no favors.

4. Custom websites are scalable.

With all the previously mentioned benefits provided by a custom website design, a sales increase is inevitable. One of the best things about custom websites is that they are scalable. As your business grows, because a personalized backend is fully manageable, you can update or upgrade it to satisfy your needs without redoing the website from scratch.

Whether you need to cater to heavier website traffic or expand your service and product offerings, making the necessary adjustments is practically effortless.

Website templates come with limited tools and features, which can be a hindrance when adapting to your business’s ever-changing needs. Some of a custom website’s built-in tools and features are locked behind predatory paywalls and subscription fees when using a template.

Seek Help From a Digital Marketing Company

Investing in a custom website is a smart move that gives your business greater opportunities to grow and expand.

Advanced Digital Media Services should be your go-to when narrowing down choices for the best digital marketing company. We provide world-class web design services to all businesses needing a website that stands out among the competition. For inquiries and questions about our services, contact us. We will be more than happy to assist.

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