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5 Best Practices to Follow When Optimizing for Google Discover

5 Best Practices to Follow When Optimizing for Google Discover

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Any marketer would know that one of the most important factors of a brand success is its use of social media. It is strategic to keep up with the latest user-centered trends. Luckily, Google Discover, a social media feed version of Google, is enhancing the way you connect with your target audience.

What’s to Discover?

If you are wondering “what is Google Discover?” then wonder no more: it functions like most feeds that have user-generated content. One unique feature it offers is how users form their content. Google uses browsing history to curate the information that they see on their feed.

It has already reached more than 800 million users and is continuously growing. Instead of a usual search engine, users are presented with stories according to their interests. This personalization greatly benefits not only the users but also brands like yours. If you are aiming to capture their attention, Google Discover can provide you the visibility that you need.

5 Best Ways to Optimize for Google Discover

Go for Engaging and Creative Content

Google’s algorithm still speaks volumes on this platform. Make sure to have relevant stories that your audience can relate to. It is also ideal that you stick to a series of connected topics that resonate with your niche. Through this, Google will label your page as a reliable source to place on top of a user’s feed.

Both trendy and timeless content are also preferred as long as they provide worthy information to the users. Engagement is the key to growing loyal brand users in Google Discover. Find unique ways for your consumers to interact with your page, such as exclusive promotions and personalized content.

Utilize High-Quality Visuals

High-quality images or videos will highly boost your ranking on a Google Discover feed.

Start by choosing an engaging thumbnail that is related to the topic. Compress the images to at least 1,200 pixels for a faster loading time. Place a good description and an alt text attribution to categorize them properly. Don’t forget to include short, yet attention-grabbing captions to help users understand your content better.

Build a Secure and Trustworthy Profile

Put an effort into improving your page to attract more users both in technical and content aspects. Google highly focuses on pages that have HTTPS included in their URLs. Failing to have one will translate to a lower ranking.

Your page’s contact information is essential to be considered legitimate. Highlight important details, such as your main website, other social media accounts, and verified outputs. An overview of your profile will strengthen your credibility.

Ensure You Have a Mobile-Optimized Page

Without mobile optimization, your page will be disregarded by possible consumers. Optimize your graphics and layout for easy navigation. Your page should have a short loading time and clear sections that are worthwhile to visit.

Google Discover also prefers pages that are mobile-ready in terms of search algorithms. Your page’s overall functionality in mobile devices will boost your search ranking.

Cater to Multiple Languages

Go for a worldwide reach by optimizing your content using different languages. This will benefit your page by making it available to an international audience. You may choose languages according to where your future company goals are directed.

Build Your Google Discover Page Effectively

Google Discover is one of the best ways to maximize the use of your content. All you need is a little optimization strategy. Make your brand known to many by promoting your content to a more-filtered audience. Just make sure that the content you present will interest them. Through our comprehensive SEO services, we can give you more optimization tips. Chat with our representative today by completing the form below.

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