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5 Effective Persuasion Techniques to Help Boost Social Media Marketing

5 Effective Persuasion Techniques to Help Boost Social Media Marketing

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Social networking sites are governing the world in several ways that people have never before imagined. We can see new connections being established seemingly out of thin air. With better profile integration than ever, it is even more essential today that you understand how to manage your digital character.

It is really important that your voice will not just be an added conversation; it also has to be heard, reiterated, and appreciated. Your message should be dominant and go viral! Keep in mind: you need to be influential.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

It cannot be denied that social media has a huge market share. Social sites include the largest count of connections and demand the most attention from their users. With its deep database entries, you are not just meeting fascinating people, you are also being observed.

Many people now prefer mobile marketing. The number of those gaining access to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook from mobile units has increased tremendously in recent years.

The advantages in using social media marketing may be different between every person, but the real-life relations you can build through these websites hold so much potential.

How Can You Increase Your Social Media Followers and Improve Engagement?


Normally, people try to repay, in kind, what others have provided for them. The same principle works for social media sites. Users are more likely to re-tweet posts of people who have already re-tweeted their messages. In online marketing, web marketers normally link to businesses that have linked to their page as well. They give a company far more trust and concern after it has provided them a lot of free value.

Use this technique manipulatively and you could amass thousands of followers very quickly!

Consistency and Commitment

As soon as you have made a final decision or have already taken a stance, you will experience personal and interpersonal pressures to act consistently with that commitment. More likely, you will follow several accounts on Twitter, too. Objectively, reducing your number of followers should remove distractions.

On a positive note, the more followers you have on social media accounts, the more people will get to see your posts and advertisements. You just have to know how to use it correctly for the benefit of your company.

Social Proof

One technique people use to identify correct behavior is to know what other people think is true and appropriate. People view behavior as correct if everyone else is doing it as well.

When it comes to social proof, tribe is important. It is not just about what most people do on social media that establishes proof; it is the actions of other people who think and act similarly that matters. Always focus your social media strategies on looking for and establishing social proof within your group.


Does “liking” really work for social media marketing? How? People give extra points to beautifully designed and relevant blogs, videos with excellent production quality, and businesses’ landing pages with user-friendly styles and layouts.

As for giving credit to others, what is a track back, a retweet, or a positive comment, if not a social compliment? With this in mind, you have to participate in these activities authentically, sincerely, and liberally if you expect to maximize the principle of liking in order to give you more benefits.

Power and Authority

As of today, the most direct measure of power and influence online is the number of clients who will buy or support a recommended resource based on an expert’s advice.
How many people would purchase a book simply because Rowling said it is a must-read? Due to JK’s expertise on this subject, many will follow her lead.

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