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5 Web Hosting Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020

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With most businesses trying to establish a presence online, you’re probably looking to set up your own website. If so, you should know that you need a good web hosting company for it.

A web hosting company provides the technology and services needed for your website to be viewable on the internet. They provide the location and the storage space for your website files and keep your data safe. Because websites are complex and are usually prone to hackers, choosing the best web hosting company is paramount. You should only choose those that are updated with the latest trends and innovations to ensure that your website continues to run fast and secure.

2020 has seen a number of new trends that web hosting companies are starting to implement to better their services for their clients. Here are just some of these trends.

1. Green Web Hosting

Environmentally friendly trends are cropping up in the web hosting industry, but how does the industry actually affect the environment? Your data needs a physical location where it’s stored. These are called data centers, and their servers need a whole range of equipment and hardware. Much like most of your gadgets like your phones or laptops, they get pretty hot over time. Maintaining these servers requires a cool environment, entailing the use of coolers and air conditioners. This means electricity-intensive maintenance, which results in a higher carbon dioxide output.

Fortunately, most web hosting companies are now investing in renewable energy and participating in eco-friendly initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. This is done by selling renewable energy certificates to hosting companies that help in reducing the number of greenhouse gases. The money generated is then used to finance renewable energy sources.

2. Cloud Web Hosting

Though most providers still tend to use physical servers, the concept of cloud web hosting has been steadily on the rise in the industry. In 2019, it reached an estimated $206 billion worldwide. The cloud does not have a bodily equivalent and does not use a physical server. Instead, the data is stored among multiple computers and access is provided by network connections. The data becomes available through different virtual servers compared to one tangible server, making it more flexible, reliable, and available 24/7. Web hosting is made more affordable because there is no need to maintain a physical server with different equipment.

3. Website Builders

Gone are the days of breaking the bank to hire expensive web developers to design your website. Web hosting companies now offer free online website builders for their clients looking for an all-around solution. These web builders allow non-tech-savvy people to design, publish, and promote their websites easily.

4. Better Security Protocols

With billions of data breaches happening in recent years, security is a top priority for websites. Websites need to assure consumers that the information they share is safe and secure. Because of this, web hosting companies have taken steps to upgrade security protocols, create stronger authentication methods, and protect against potential malware. Most companies now employ at least a 2-step authentication protocol that requires a password and a pin code sent through either text message or email.

5. Competitive Pricing

The internet has become a battleground for marketers. The demand for an online presence has been increasing and naturally, the need for web hosting services goes up as well. Just like it is in any industry, this means a more competitive market. Rates in web hosting depend on the different features and options that a client wants.

For example, shared web hosting is cheaper compared to managed web hosting. Companies employ pricing strategies to persuade consumers to engage their services. They either lower their prices or offer bundles for discounted rates. You just have to choose which service or bundles work best for the type of website that you want to have.

The world of web hosting is an intricate business. While it constantly gets easier through the introduction of new technology, investing in professional web hosting services will still ensure that your website functions perfectly, giving you the chance to focus on other, more pressing, business matters.

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