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6 Content Distribution Ideas for Meeting Your Marketing Goals

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There are many things to consider when creating a content marketing strategy this year. Not only is there growing competition online, but there are also several content distribution techniques available to reach your target audience, which may vary depending on the type of content you are producing.

Do you do guest blogging or videos? Should you focus on an email newsletter or social media marketing? How do you really know what to do?

This post should help you decide which content distribution channels make the most sense for your content marketing goals and how to create content that will work well in them.

1. Syndication

Are you regularly publishing a large volume of content that covers more comprehensive, newsworthy topics? If yes, then content syndication is for you!

With content syndication, your content is republished by a third-party site. Several types of content can be used for syndication, including videos and infographics.

With this content distribution technique, you can fulfill your brand awareness goal to reach more potential customers. Just make sure that your syndication partners will give a canonical tag back to your page, so that you do not end up having duplicate content issues.

Whatever your topic is, it needs to have a catchy headline with information valuable to your target readers. Answer the headline entirely, but remove the fluff. Never forget to include relevant links back to your site. It must be high quality, free of errors, and not miles long.

2. Sponsored Content

If your page does not have a great following, engaging in sponsored content on a more prominent page can help establish brand awareness.

However, these advertorials are tagged as sponsored content, and readers can be naturally more skeptical of it. Therefore, to create a quality native advertising piece, you should be genuinely helpful and not too promotional.

3. Guest Blogging

If you do not want to pay for a sponsored content, try to spot on other popular websites related to your brand that allows guest blogging. You will not be paid for writing or publishing a post for them, but you will get more brand exposure in return. It is a win/win situation!

If you do pitch to a website for a guest post, be sure it is compelling and in line with what their readers want. Again, keep it helpful and less promotional. You need to get the trust of their audience. Do not forget to link to your site at the end of the content.

4. Paid Advertising

One of the biggest advantages of using paid advertising as a content distribution technique is that you can see results immediately and get your content in front of a qualified audience.

To perform well in paid search, your content has to be more niche and targeted to the keywords you are bidding on. Different search engines have their own forms of a quality score that considers several factors, including landing page quality, text relevance, and more. Unlike with organic search, you need to create more landing pages to cover your topics with paid advertising. That should not be a problem anyway, as long as you no-index your landing pages.

Facebook and Twitter also have a relevancy score to assess the quality of your content. These social channels measure your expected engagement rate with an ad. This indicates how well your content matches the needs and interests of the audience you are targeting.

Several types of content can work for paid advertising. Visual content in the form of images and videos seem to be the most powerful. Make sure your content has a catchy, keyword-targeted headline, standout video or images, and content that supports your targeted keywords and audience.

5. Email Newsletter

Another excellent content distribution idea is an email newsletter. Several businesses are already using it now. However, many have not added their blog posts as a regular feature of their emails yet. This is an excellent way to give your posts a boost by extending their reach.

6. Forums

Forums are great places to find topics for your blogs. They show what your target audience is interested in. You can also take the time to answer questions on these discussions, and if relevant, reference one of your blog posts. Still, be careful! Most members do not like people infiltrating their community with self-promotional links. You may incur a link spamming penalty from Google if you are reported.

For this content distribution idea to work, you have to be authentic. Answer the questions completely, and only link if necessary.

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