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How to Boost Client Retention With a Good SEO Report

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An SEO report is one of the voices of your business. It sells your SEO skills better than any advertising campaign, but what makes your SEO report a sure win? Now that it has become harder to win and keep customers, this question becomes more important as ever.

Here, we explore several easy steps to creating a powerful SEO report to boost client retention.

Personalize Your SEO Report for Every Client

Nobody wants an SEO report that looks like a completed template that you could give to anybody. Interact with your clients on a personal level.

Add your customer’s personal information and business logo. You can use an SEO reporting tool like SEO PowerSuite to make the job easier and faster. Most programs will allow you to add information about your client just once, often by completing a profile, and all the reports you create for this client will be personalized automatically.

Make personal introductions and conclusions by adding relevant comments that prove you pay close attention to their business needs. Most tools have introduction and conclusion checkboxes where you can type the comments you wish to add on an SEO report.

If you are running SEO campaigns for clients abroad, you need to present your findings in their native language. An SEO reporting tool can be helpful in translating your work into multiple languages, where needed.

Make Your SEO Report Clear and Understandable

Be sure your SEO report is as clear as day. Make the data easy to understand. Nobody wants to pay for something they cannot figure out, and your clients want to see the results in the simplest way possible.

Try using a well-balanced color scheme that highlights the main parts of your SEO report. Add extra visibility on the report’s key elements by using titles and header tags.
Also, instead of using lengthy texts and paragraphs, present your data in graphs, tables, and diagrams. They are easier to understand.

Concentrate on the Right SEO Data

When creating an SEO report, you have to make sure you are providing the right data. Choose the statistics that matter the most.

Never mix up all SEO activities in one long report. Create theme-specific reports that are simpler to read and understand.

Is your client interested in knowing the details of your SEO campaign? If not, just give them a short summary of their rankings, backlinks, pages, etc.

Always highlight the strongest points of your campaign. If you are reporting about rankings, you may highlight Google’s top 10 keywords. Then that report becomes helpful in optimizing the keywords that lag.

Give Clients Easy Access to Their Reports

Give your clients access to your reports and allow them to choose the best delivery option, reporting schedule, and frequency.

Does your customer like discussing an SEO report face to face? Do they want it emailed on a scheduled date? Maybe they wish to access it on your website anytime they need to. Give your clients all possible options.

An SEO reporting tool is again very helpful in this matter. Most will offer you 3 delivery options. You can choose to save the reports to your hard drive for printing, send them out via email, or upload onto your page via FTP.

Depending on what suits your client best, you can deliver an SEO report daily, weekly, or monthly. Tools can send your reports on autopilot at any fixed schedule without you even being present.

Sell Your Skills Using SEO Report

Always brand your reports! Illustrate your style, give them your contact information, and promote your services. Your SEO report is not just a progress indicator; it is also one of the most powerful client retention strategies in your arsenal.

We at Advanced Digital Media Services can help you learn to use and optimize your SEO reports to keep your clients. While it is helpful to use an SEO reporting tool, it is also extremely valuable to get assistance from professionals. Check our SEO services and start chatting with one of our experts by completing the form below.

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