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7 Creative Plumbing Company Blog Post Ideas

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A wide variety of strategies are required to make a plumbing business successful. One of these strategies is digital marketing. A plumbing company that provides basic services to fix leaks and pipes is in high demand. While it can benefit a budding plumbing company, it can also pose some problems, especially if you don’t have the know-how in web design and search engine optimization.

If you’re looking for ways to promote your plumbing business in your local area, you can start by writing blogs. How to write an effective blog post is all about knowing your target audience and catering to their needs. A blog that solves plumbing problems will ensure that you provide value to your target audience. It is a simple yet excellent plumbing marketing strategy to promote your company.

What is a blog post’s purpose for a plumbing business? What are some of the best creative blog post ideas you can use? How do you increase customers through your blog? This article will answer all these questions. Ready? Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

7 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Plumbers

Maintaining a consistent blog schedule can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. If it becomes too tedious, you may even regret starting the blog after a while.

To help you out, you can utilize the suggested topics below. Feel free to use these topics to boost traffic, engagement, and rankings for your blog about plumbing services. You could combine these blog post ideas for plumbing businesses to form your entire blogging calendar. Each post can be adapted to suit your company’s or customers’ needs.

1. FAQs About Plumbing

Why is my toilet flushing so loud? How can you prevent frozen pipes? What is the difference between soft and hard water? What are the common causes of leaks?

You’ve probably answered these questions countless times, which can get tiring in the long run. So why not answer them all at once, compiled in a blog post? You will not only provide useful information, but it will also help your website be the authority when it comes to plumbing concerns.

Furthermore, if you answer as many of these questions as possible, people will be more likely to find you online and avail of your services.

2. Emergency Plumbing Solutions

A clogged toilet or a leaking faucet are just some of the emergency plumbing situations many homeowners have experienced at one time or another. When faced with such frustrating situations, most people naturally look for a quick fix before calling a plumber. During these times, a blog post about emergency plumbing solutions will come in handy. It’s a great way to attract people who actually need your services to your website.

3. The Hard Truth About Hard Water

Considered a nuisance more than a health issue, hard water is basically water that has high amounts of natural minerals, including magnesium and calcium. You will know you have a hard water supply in your home when you see some chalky residue on plumbing fixtures such as showerheads and faucets.

Homes supplied with hard water often encounter the same issues over and over again—clogs in pipes and plumbing fixtures, increased wear on water-dependent appliances, mineral buildup on dishes, utensils, and clothing, and a lot more.

A detailed blog post about this topic can be written detailing the causes and consequences of hard water. You can also add some tips on how homeowners can address hard water issues.

4. Busting Plumbing Myths

Plumbing has a bit of mystery to it because most homeowners often don’t think about it until it becomes a problem. Because of this, the line between fact and fiction in plumbing is blurred. The result is countless myths about plumbing that can only damage your plumbing more.

One such myth that needs to be addressed is that pouring boiling water onto the drain can prevent clogs as it can melt the grease that’s causing the clog. This is not true at all and, in fact, can cause more problems as piping hot water can damage PVC pipes.

Use these myths to your advantage and create a blog post to discuss them and debunk them. You can also add a section in this blog about how hiring a professional like yourself can be the best course of action rather than handling the plumbing problem themselves.

5. Money-Saving Tips

In this blog post, you can list down some ways a homeowner can save water (and thus money) through plumbing repairs and renovations. It’s going to be a hit because, especially in these difficult times economically, anything that could save them money can catch anyone’s attention. You can also add a bit about how cost-effective hiring a plumber will be versus DIY.

Offer your customers a wealth of advice, tips, and strategies to help them reduce their costs in matters related to water, power, and infrastructure. Explain to your customers how these changes can preserve the quality they enjoy without breaking the bank. Again, your readers will regard you as an expert they can trust to make the necessary changes.

6. Buying Guide

It can be difficult for the uninitiated to choose the proper toilets, valves, or shower-heads. Help readers choose and buy the fittings that best suit their needs. Consider the fixtures that you use every week and the many options available.

This is one of the blog post ideas that will help potential customers reach the point where they want to make home improvements. You’ll help them make the right decision when it’s time for installation by giving them quality guidance and valuable advice.

7. Plumbing Behind the Scenes

You can also show people how your business operates daily to increase trust. Photograph your employees and your place. Write about who comes into your office and what they do first thing in the morning. Profile a new apprentice.

It might surprise you how much people are drawn to the human factor, even if they are new visitors to your site. These should not be a regular part of your blogging, but they can help you build your brand and show professionalism.

Time to Get To Work

Did these blog post ideas for plumbers inspire you? You can test which posts get the most views and which type you enjoy writing. You’ll get more engagement if you enjoy the process.

You can also work with a company that can use these plumbing blog ideas to boost your business reach online. An expert in SEO in St. Pete like Advanced Digital Media Services can help you create a long-term strategy to blog content creation for your plumbing company.

Reach out to our team today and learn more about how to get blog post ideas that will help you stand out.

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