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7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Plumbing Business

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Owning or managing a plumbing company is challenging. Unlike other businesses, learning to market effectively takes time and effort because it often relies on referrals to succeed. Traditional advertising like offering seasonal price discounts and highlighting your plumbers’ expertise can help you stand out from other businesses. However, when you have no clear marketing strategies, it will not sustain the business.

An excellent practice to generate more leads is developing a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing can introduce your business to a new audience that might not know you exist. If you want better results, you can hire or outsource a team of digital marketing experts to manage your online efforts. Additionally, there are tactics that you can do for free.

Apart from making your plumbing company more visible to the market, it would help if you also researched to understand your audience’s behavior. Most digital marketing platforms also provide insights that help you learn about your audience, which you can use to launch effective online campaigns.

Digital Marketing for Local Plumbing Companies

With numerous competitors in the market today, growing your plumbing business is challenging. You’re likely catering to the same market and have almost a similar set of the same services. However, a solid digital marketing campaign can make you stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the best practices on how to market a plumbing business online:

1. Develop a Website

A website is the heart and soul of digital marketing tactics, so it is crucial that you strategically develop this tool. It will serve as an online shopfront people can visit anytime. User interface (UI) refers to the space that people use to interact with a program, or in this case, a website. At the same time, user experience (UX) refers to how users feel as they navigate the platform.

When you or your agency creates one for your plumbing business, ensure that it is well-designed, and the top considerations are the UI and UX.

UI and UX are important to your SEO and website performance because visitors will take time to browse your website and know your business better if it’s well-developed and designed. If your website is confusing, they will leave before they can see your content.

2. Write Engaging Content

A well-developed website is not enough to keep your audience browsing through it. You must also produce informative and compelling content, from the home page to the contact page.

Content writing is one of the most effective strategies of digital marketing. Many experts in the field consider it the “king” because consistency and high-quality products can help a website rank higher on search engines. When writing content, you must remember to use targeted keywords strategically for better results.

The landing or home page is the most important page on most plumbing websites. It is the page that prospects see first when search engines direct them to it from the search page. You must place the necessary business information on it. Don’t use keywords related to your business to help search engines show your website to potential clients.

3. Incorporate Social Media Pages

Another crucial digital marketing strategy, if you have a plumbing business, is to have active social media pages. You don’t have to be everywhere, but having accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (for business-to-business transactions), and Youtube is beneficial. These platforms have the broadest reach and users, so you have a higher chance of finding clients here.

Apart from writing engaging copy, it is also essential to post visual media that can catch the attention of your target audience. For instance, you can upload a teaser on Facebook and Instagram pages through the stories section and upload the whole video on Youtube.

Social media users on Facebook and Instagram have shorter attention spans, while Youtube users are accustomed to focusing on longer video formats. This tactic will help you track potential clients interested in your services, because they take time to jump on different platforms.

4. Expand Database and Boost Email Campaigns

Suppose you are new and have a limited database of leads and clients; you can use your website and social media pages to get their information, such as their full name, birthday, contact number, and email address. This information can help you launch digital marketing campaigns like newsletters and SMS blasts.

You can use the information in your database to personalize your email campaigns. It is an old digital marketing strategy that people have disregarded due to the emergence of other online marketing tactics. However, with innovations in email platforms, it is gaining popularity again. It is an excellent strategy if you want to update your clients about the business directly and inform them about upcoming events or promotions.

5. Launch Local SEO Campaigns

Launching a local SEO campaign is integral to digital marketing for plumbers.

Sticking to the traditional way of advertising and promoting your services is ineffective. Now that most people use the internet to find the right companies they need for their problems, ranking high for what prospects search for is a priority.

When people search for a service, they rarely use general keywords like “plumbing” because it will give them billions of search results. They often use keywords with their locality, like “plumbers in Denver, CO,” so ensure that you also use them on your website.

6. Do Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is a digital marketing strategy to boost your local online presence. The most common practice to successfully launch this tactic is through guest posting on other blogs and, in the process, linking to your business website.

When you follow these practices, other websites such as Yellow Pages and listing pages will let you display business information on their platforms. Some let you post for free, but most come with a small payment.

7. Claim Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is one of the most effective plumbing marketing tools today.

It is a free product that helps business owners gain better visibility through search pages. This tool can ask clients to leave a review about your plumbing services. You can also verify your address on Google Maps and add contact details to your GBP, so customers can quickly find you. Additionally, you can list your services to let prospects know what your plumbing company offers.

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