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7 Reasons WordPress Hosting Is Worth the Investment

What Is WordPress Hosting?

Web hosting refers to the server that acts as the home of all your content on the internet, where all the files of your website are stored. WordPress, as a popular website creation software and content management system, now offers a hosting option for its clients.

WordPress hosting is simply a web hosting optimized service that’s specifically for WordPress-powered websites. WordPress powers 35% (or about one third) of all the websites found on the internet. Many famous companies like The New York Times and The Walt Disney Company use WordPress to power their own websites. So, why is WordPress such a famous tool among big companies? Here’s why:

It’s User-Friendly

Whether you are an experienced web designer or a first-timer, WordPress is the right tool for you. It is easy to navigate, and you can install it in one click. It gives non-experts the chance to develop and create their own website without having to use hard-to-understand codes. WordPress also provides step-by-step guides on creating and maintaining your websites, as well as troubleshooting solutions. Because it’s easy to use, you do not need to hire professional web designers and instead save up on much-needed capital.

It’s Free

Yes, you’ve read that right! You can download, install, and use it without paying anything. You can use it to create different types of websites like blogs, business websites, photography websites, and many more. Because of limited resources, WordPress for small business is a good strategy to get websites up and running fast with as little cost as possible.

It’s Highly Customizable

WordPress offers thousands of different WordPress themes, enough that you’re sure to find the perfect one for your website. The themes are also easily customizable by changing the colors, background images, and other aspects, making your website more personal and in line with your branding. WordPress also has free plugins, as well as premium plugins, which enable new features and functionalities for your website.

It Allows Different Multimedia

We all know that a visually appealing website has higher chances of attracting traffic than a plain and boring one. This means that it is important for your website to use different types of multimedia to catch a user’s attention. Thankfully, WordPress is compatible with a variety of multimedia files including images, videos, audio, and more.

It Has a Strong Support System

Don’t know how to start using WordPress or how to maintain a WordPress website? Worry not! WordPress has an excellent support system. You can refer to their support page, which answers most users’ frequent concerns. Given that WordPress is widely used, you will likely find different WordPress blogs that share tips, guides, and troubleshooting solutions.

It’s SEO Optimized

The most important goal of any website is to gain traffic. The best way to achieve this is through SEO, or search engine optimization. WordPress-powered websites are SEO optimized by default, making your website appear higher in search engine results. Additionally, you can choose from several plugins to better improve your website’s SEO features.

It’s Safe and Secure

WordPress is a favorite target among hackers, given its wide usage. Because of this, WordPress takes its security very seriously. It releases regular security patches and updates to ensure that your website is safe. Remember that you also have to employ your own safety precautions, such as downloading only from trusted sites.

For most businesses in this digital age, a strong online presence is a must. This all starts with creating your own platform: your website. There are numerous ways to create and maintain your website. WordPress gives you the ability to design and maintain one for free. While this can save you some money, hiring professional web designers and web hosting services can still pay off.

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