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6 Web Design Trends to Follow This 2020

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2020 is here, which means there are probably new ideas in every industry. This also means new trends in the digital world. Web design is one of the most important aspects of your digital platform. Your website serves as both a store and an advertisement.

Surely no one would want to visit a website that bores them or is hard to navigate. That’s why you should always be up to date on the current trends for your website in order to adapt to your consumer’s needs and wants. Luckily for you, we have compiled some of the top 2020 web design trends.

1. Dark Mode

Most websites and digital platforms have recently given their users the option to enable a dark theme. The dark mode makes most websites look more modern, allows more important content to stand out, and makes it easier to read the typography. In addition, dark themes are also good for saving power and extending screen lifespans. The dark theme also transmits a certain mood or vibe that many viewers are attracted to.

2. Vintage-Inspired Designs

In a generation where the word “throwback” has largely become popular, it comes as no surprise that the vintage-inspired web design is becoming a trend. These designs give viewers that sense of nostalgia through bits and pieces of pictures and colors mixed with modern aesthetics.

3. Minimalist Navigation

Technology has indeed come a long way. From big, bulky desktops with different components to laptops to tablets, then to smartphones, we are now at that point where smart devices are as small as watches. Because of this, web design has also been adapted. The goal is to make the design work on smaller devices. Because of a smaller screen, web design on small devices is meant to be simple and only display the most important content, making it easier to understand and navigate.

4. Overlapping Layers

The use of layer upon layer of text or photos is trending right now. It adds depth to simple 2D media. This is done by putting an element on top of another, thereby blocking some of its view or content. This makes your website more visually appealing to the consumer because of the usage of more elements.

5. Changing Typography Rules

Before, the message was always just in the content, but now, even the way you deliver the message is part of the message. The font styles, sizes, and formatting used are now seen more as a form of expression rather than as a neutral delivery decision. As such, there is no one typography standard on how to deliver your message. Rather, it depends on what you want to portray. This means your typography does not always need to be formal; it could contain odd spacing, bold letters, symbols, and even words that are written upside down, all depending on the message you want to convey.

6. Emotional Designs

Arguably the best way to connect to a consumer (or to anyone for that matter) is by evoking emotions. Emojis and reactions, such as like, heart, care, anger, and many others have become very popular on the internet, especially in social media. These can also be very useful for websites.

First, using emoji can easily be used to create more emotional interactions with consumers. Second, it is a good tool to use for customer service and feedback. For example, a customer can either pick the smiling reaction if he/she enjoyed navigating your website or the sad reaction if he/she had a hard time navigating it. This way, you can easily know what your consumers think you should improve on.

These are just some of the hottest 2020 web design trends. Remember, while it is easy to experiment with these, it pays to have a professional web design. A carefully crafted web design will attract more visitors because of how good it makes them feel or how easy it is for them to navigate your website.

Advanced Digital Media Services is the best web design company you can hire for your web design needs. We will always strive to keep your website updated with the current trends relevant to your consumers.

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