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7 Web Design Trends that Will Make Waves Post Pandemic

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More and more companies are transforming their business structures to soften the blow of the pandemic. One of the ways they have found to do this is to offer their products and services online. For this reason, the web design industry will stay afloat to pave the way for other enterprises to stay in business. These companies need to display their potential in plain view to win over new clients and spread the word that their offerings have gone online.

There are various web design trends circling in 2020. You should be aware of these new web design ideas to stay on top of the game.

1. Minimalist Web Design

Most people consider the minimalist design to be too safe. It may appear too basic, but it’s definitely not the case. There’s so much more to minimalist design than meets the eye. If you know how to style a web page, you know that it’s not easy removing various elements to make sure only the critical details remain.

Minimalist style is one of the most popular modern web design trends you’ll see these days. Many designers rely on it because it almost always works. These days, elaborate designs are considered noisy to users. Therefore, designers have adapted by developing simplified models that focus more on practical elements.

2. Addition of 3D Elements

3D graphics are perhaps among the best web design trends to evolve throughout the years. Adding these elements to an overall design really brings life to a website, especially for the e-commerce sector. However, there’s a downside to it. These additions can slow down loading times. While the text content is already available for your viewers, the images may be delayed, which can leave an unfavorable impression on a user.

3. Fun Geometric Shapes and Designs

Considered one the latest web page design trends, this made the rounds in 2016 and has shown no signs of stopping since. The main idea is to find different geometric shapes and throw them together to find what works. It’s not easy figuring out the right mix and match that will catch the viewer’s attention. There’s a certain art to it. The best part is that it renders 2D technology with a fresher face and a new feel.

4. Dark Mode

Dark mode helps reduce battery consumption on a viewer’s mobile device. More than that, however, it’s easier on the eyes — literally! Dark mode lessens eye strain, so it’s favorable for any user. Additionally, there’s no denying how sleek it looks, with its light-colored features against a dark background. It’s no wonder it has become one of the most implemented web design trends.

5. Imposing Buttons

This year has held so many unwanted surprises that there’s no room for any in the web design domain. Aside from minimalistic features, the color combinations are quite predictable and very straight-forward. In order to amp things up, the addition of translucent buttons to a black and white design palette has come to light. It does more than contribute to aesthetics. The opaque buttons really command attention, which drives up lead generation.

6. Asymmetrical Layouts

Web visitors have the habit of skimming through websites without much thought or attention. Therefore, they often miss a lot of relevant information. As an answer to this, web designers have come up with a broken grid design to prevent viewers from thinking that the website information is simply repetitive. This new website design isn’t easy to assemble because you need to find elements that can work cohesively. Some of the most common features are textured layers and rich colors, white space, irregular positioning patterns, and more.

7. Adaptive Logos

This latest web page design trend is made to last because of its numerous benefits. Logos with responsive characteristics can benefit a company because they can adjust the logo design depending on the device a viewer has. Not only does it keep you at the forefront of your target market, but it also allows you to earn Google’s good graces. The search engine is known for taking note of a website’s mobile version performance.

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