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Are Your Pins Performing? Learn More About Pinterest Analytics and Metrics

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Online marketing has gotten a lot easier with the rise of all the new tools available with just a few clicks. The launching of Pinterest Analytics changed the game for most marketers. With all the new tools for businesses that use social media platforms, Pinterest really provides a more logical approach to digital marketing.

Pinterest has been the choice of many companies to promote their products and services. Instead of telling your potential customers what your business is about, Pinterest gives you the advantage of actually showing them what you can offer. It also allows your customers to share any of your content that has peaked their interest.

With its new tool, Tailwind, Pinterest analytics can now help you track your performance on the platform. This is a great advantage because you can use that information to strategize and execute a more effective marketing plan, as well as measure growth in your number of followers, pin performance, and traffic referrals.

You can also use this tool to make sure that you are reaching all of your social media targets. Most importantly, you can use Pinterest analytics to know and understand your audience more.

Here are 5 Pinterest metrics you need to track for better performance on the platform:

Top Pins

Top Pins measures the top 50 highest performing pins for the last 30 days. This is measured based on clicks, impressions, and repins. This metric is important because it will give you a better understanding about the impact of each of your pins.


This measures the number of times your pin has been saved to one of your audience’s boards. Repins make your posts visible to other users, and you will also have an idea what kind of content the users want and deem shareable.

Original Pins

The main goal of this metric is to measure the number of original pins that are created from your website. This will happen when the users use the save button, browser extensions, or manual uploads. With this, you will know all the unique content added to Pinterest from your site. Original pins are a good basis to know how relatable and shareable your content is.


In Pinterest analytics, demographics can provide you with the language, gender, metropolitan statistics, and country of your audience. You can use this to understand all of your audience better, and have a bigger chance to connect with them and create more content based on the demographic data. You can also use this to know exactly what time to post during the day and even post using different languages.


Impressions measure the number of times your posts appear in the search results, home feed, and category feeds of the users. To put it simply, one impression is equal to one view in Pinterest. This is essential because this will give you the idea of how much reach your content has. You study your impressions and understand what content the users are searching for.

Best Pinterest Analytics Tool

In order to determine and track all of the important metrics for your Pinterest posts and pins, you will need the best Pinterest analytics tools. Here are two of the best and most effective analytics tools you can use.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is a free tool that only requires you to have a business account to be granted access. This tool is divided into three parts: profile, audience, and web analytics. You can sort your data according to the time or device, making it effective in comparing and tracking who among your audience are using mobile phones and laptops or personal computers. You can use this information to modify your site and make sure that it is mobile-friendly for the sake of all your mobile-user audience.

For an easy review, Pinterest Analytics lets you export your data as a CSV file and download it on your computer.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the best comparison tools to benchmark your performance and data in Pinterest and other social media platforms. To do that, you can simply login to your Google Analytics account, click Acquisition, then click Social to see all the traffic that comes from each of your sites.


Hootsuite is the best tool to monitor your data and track your performance. With its native integration with Pinterest, you can have access to Pinterest analytics tools. With the use of Hootsuite, you can have full access to your ROI dashboard, strategy insights, competitor bench marking, and big-picture analysis with the help of other tools such as Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI.

To be able to track and measure your Pinterest performance effectively, you will need the right tools, system, and the help of an expert. Advanced Digital Media Services offers full assistance for social media marketing, including Pinterest analytics. We can make sure that your performance and online marketing strategy is right on track in order to reach all of your marketing targets. Visit our website and contact us now!

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