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Effective Email Marketing: What Can an Email Campaign Accomplish for Your Business?

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Email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use. Digital marketing experts project that every dollar spent on email marketing returns $43. Of course, a successful email strategy is far more than just smart tactics. Successful individuals with an online presence have learned how to leverage email marketing to their advantage. Consider the following facts about email marketing:

  • What worked last year may not work this year.
  • People will send around 333 billion emails daily by the end of 2021.
  • Email marketing is a key element of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Take Your Email Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

No matter where you are in the email marketing game, you can always improve your methods and boost open rate and conversion results.

  1. One of the best ways to get the attention of customers is to personalize your email messages. Customized customer email content is the key. This enhances the customer’s experience with your brand. Personalized emails can deliver up to six times the engagement rate than non-personalized emails.
  2. Amazon is a prime example of the power of emails. At least 35% of all the company’s sales result from onscreen email recommendations. The company takes its email campaigns seriously.
  3. Email marketing, on average, can generate up to $0.11 in revenue for every email a marketer sends.
  4. As much as 70% of all brands don’t personalize their emails. This means there’s every opportunity to capture a big share of the competition’s market. Emails with a personal name can increase open rates by as much as 17%. The possibilities for increasing profits add up.
  5. Ask consumers for all the pertinent information up front. Your signup form is important. Data should include location, company, and name. Only ask for information that will prove useful. This is where personalization can begin.
  6. An effective email marketing campaign should never include a “do not reply” email address. Do this and it lowers your authenticity in the eyes of your customers. The goal is to inspire your customers to respond and engage. Be sure to use an authentic address.
  7. Segment and target your different email audiences. Segment your database. CRM software will enable this. This allows you to target that small business owner who is just a short distance from you. Imagine receiving an email that invites you to an event that is hundreds or thousands of miles away. That’s a big turnoff for consumers and will raise a red flag in their minds.
  8. Mobile friendly is the way of the internet’s future. Consider the billions of emails that consumers open on a mobile device. Close to 62% of consumers open emails on their mobile devices. Another good email marketing strategy is to make your emails compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Regardless of all the social media apps, forums, and social media venues, email is still one of the most popular and effective forms of communication used by people around the world.

How to Do Email Marketing Effectively

Write Dynamic Content

Write dynamic content based on a selected group’s behavior, with known information about that group. This will be content that is the most relevant to those users. Your efforts will help to build trust with customers and inspire higher engagement. While many businesses believe that personalized emails can improve business, they still haven’t put together the most effective email marketing methods.

Clean Your Email Lists

While email lists are essential to have, a dirty list will likely yield unproductive results. Remove those people from your lists who haven’t opened your emails in the past several months. Sure, you’d love to see the size of your email list growing, but it’s never wise to saturate inboxes with emails that customers aren’t reading, either. It’s the equivalent of sending information to those customers that provide zero value. Focus your marketing efforts on sending out product information, announcements, and exciting news to those who will engage.

Consider Both Hard and Soft Bounce Rates

For the weeding-out process, consider hard and soft bounce rates, click rates, and open rates. There are going to be those emails that never reach the intended recipient. High deliverability means more people will open your emails. A high bounce rate could be due to the fact that emails are not getting through to their intended destination. A soft bounce rate could mean your emails are reaching overflowing and filled boxes. A good email marketing strategy is to clean your database to address those hard bounces.

Customers prefer emails when it comes to interacting and communicating with brands. Email is direct and personal. When a customer allows for an email to arrive, it is a sign that they trust your company and that a relationship is possible. Your goal is to make sure that your customers open and read the emails your company sends. Otherwise, your customers can easily unsubscribe from your email list. Through emails, it’s also easier for you to design a personalized journey for each customer, which should ultimately lead to a conversion.

Email marketing makes it easy to track how campaigns perform. Marketers can track every relevant metric on their event stream processing software and easily calculate their ROI. Email marketing can also integrate easily with various marketing channels. It’s virtually impossible to rely on one method of marketing to reach customers. Whatever marketing systems your company uses, it’s not difficult to integrate with an email program. Email is also easy to set up and totally cost-effective. An email platform can be functional within hours.

Partner with a Professional Digital Marketing Team

Work with a digital marketing agency to find the right email platform that best fits your company and can elevate your company to its next level of success. It can help you integrate email into whatever SEO or SEM programs your company currently uses.

Access advanced technology, agency expertise, and increase your company’s online exposure with an expert marketing team. Advanced Digital Media Services offers the best SEO and email marketing services to help you achieve your business goals.

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